How should the Mexican national team line up against Paraguay? Mario Carrillo offers his training

How should the Mexican national team line up against Paraguay? Mario Carrillo offers his training

ESPN analyst believes Martino can lay down a 4-3-3 against the white-haired woman because he has the right elements for that pattern

MEXICO — Mario Carrillotechnical director and analyst ESPNtalk about how you should play the Mexican team in front of his fellow Paraguayand also what this game means for the national coach Gerardo ‘Auntie’ Martinooverlooking the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

For Mario Carrillothe formation of Mexican team It must be with a 4-3-3 “which is the style that the national coach dominates and he has a lot of elements for this system and a lot of players for this system”.

Considered Mario Carrillo What Mexico he must play and take risks, that is to say “play football all the time and always try to dominate the game. Because? Because this way Mexico it will be in high demand and Martino what he wants is to see the reactions of the various players he is interested in. For example, he wants to see in an extreme situation (Louis) Chavez and others, everyone, with the aim of seeing which players will complement the people they already have to compose their group of 26″.

Of Mario Carrillo What Mexico shouldn’t play any other way, because “it’s the only way for the team to demand and get what they’re looking for, which is the maximum expression of Mexican players”, hence the importance of the commitment against the Paraguayans, in the Mercedes-Benz Atlanta Benz Stadium.

He adds that the most important thing in the game is to know that any doubt, “any situation that arises in the World Cup he can put any player; in this game Martino he will find out who the replacements are.

“And ‘Chucky’ Lozano and (Jesús) Corona are not there, this match will help them know who is decisive in this commitment”, he continues his analysis Mario Carrillo.

Regarding the outcome, the strategist emphasized that the outcome always matters, “being Mexico local bet Paraguay must win, even if the most important result is the observation of the players that I have just mentioned to be eligible for the world”.

Mario Carrillo shows that the behavior of ‘Nanny’ Martino must remain as before: devote himself to his family, because “he knows that he will go World Cup and he’s leading the team like he’s going to for 10 years; So he has no problem.”

On another side, Carrillo He said he was very happy that all the players he called up ‘Nanny’ Martino are in a position to be eligible for the World Cup “and that promotes great competition for the footballer”.

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