How Tucker Carlson is making the MAGA world turn on each other

How Tucker Carlson is making the MAGA world turn on each other

Here GOP clashes among Trump Republicans over future House leadership positions—and Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson only did much worse. What’s happening? The New Abnormal Podcast host Andy Levy and Daily Beast politics editor and guest host Matt Fuller try to figure it out in the latest episode.

Fuller sets the scene: If Republicans take back the House, “presumably Kevin McCarthy would become speaker, current GOP whip Steve Scalise would ascend to majority leader, and then there’s sort of this race for the No. 3 seat.”

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Here’s where the tea gets hot: Rep. Tom Emmer (R-MN) and Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) are both vying for the position. But things took a turn for the worse for Emmer, also chairman of the National Republican Campaign Committee, when he he got a call from Tucker Carlson actually blaming him for the quote from GOP strategist ua Daily Beast Report saying Banks is “dying to please the establishment. He’s hiring Tucker Carlson’s son, a 24-year-old kid, to be his communications director.”

Say GOP members take sides, and all hell breaks loose.

“Each side has some very powerful allies,” says Fuller.

“We have what passes for celebrities in the MAGA circle, like your Marjorie Taylor Greenes and your Donald Trump Jr. who attack Emmer and Marjorie Taylor Greene and tweet ‘I’m with Buckley [Carlson],’ which is beyond bizarre, but whatever. And Donald Trump Jr. accuses Emmer of leaking things directly to, as he put it, ‘the leftist Daily Beast.’ And it gets really, really ugly,” adds Andy.

Fuller has questions, the first of which is, “If Tucker Carlson just gets on the air and starts bashing Tom Emmer, what will that mean for semi-annuals in general?”

Also in this episode, dr. Peter Hotez, co-director of Texas Children’s Hospital’s Vaccine Development Center, warns Andy about the holiday COVID wave coming with a scary twist that could make it different from past waves.

In addition, dr. Hotez shares the group of people who are likely to have the most protection in doing so and the biggest mistakes people are making right now, including “nobody vaccinates their kids.”

Last but not least, the Daily Beast political reporter and co-host of the show Fever Dreams podcast Will Sommer joins to tell Andy all about the racist, sexist alt-right homophobe who raised $1 million for an alt-right superhero movie and promptly lost it in the funniest way.

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