how Vinicius provoked rivals in Brazil long before Real Madrid ‘controversy’

how Vinicius provoked rivals in Brazil long before Real Madrid ‘controversy’

Coming from Flamengo’s Core Forces, Vinicius Jr. liked to fight back with dribbling and taunting

Real Madrid face RB Leipzig this Wednesday for the Champions League there Vinicius Jr. He is Spain’s most famous name for both his football and his dribbling.

After the 4-1 loss to Madrid before the Majorca, the Brazilian was accused of provoking rivals. During the match, there were several exchanges of words between the parties and even an order from the coach Carlo Ancelotti why come stop talking.

The situation is not new in the career of come. In the youth categories of Flamengothe carioca responded with dribbling kicks from the defenders.

“When the game was tight, he liked to dribble his opponents and say ‘take the taxi’, ‘I’m gone’ and ‘you can’t catch me’ (laughs). He was very confident in his abilities, but when he matured, he stopped doing that.” , said to ESPN Mauricio Souza, who was coach and assistant of the red and black club.

The coach said that vinicius he changed to the professional team, but continued to receive heavy tackles from his rivals.

“They hit him a lot, but he never escaped (in contact). Against Palmeiras, in São Paulo, he received a very hard tackle from Felipe Melo. We pushed for him to be sent off, but the referee only showed a yellow card. Vinicius played a lot and was not afraid, he always faced and endured. The more they hit him, the more he wanted to bargain,” he said.

Mauritius I knew the fame of viniciusbut he was even more impressed when he met him in the main team.

“I saw that it was totally different from his way of looking at the game. He was having fun all the time on the pitch. He was attacking all the time, he was vertical, very skilful and could change direction with speed Unbelievable. Things to improve like finished and came close to the goal. Today he improved a lot”.

For the technician, the evolution of vinicius It is not a surprise.

“He improved in the part of serving his teammate well. Most of the time he made the gesture of finishing himself. He was a very focused and professional lad After training he stayed to improve and we even had to put up with him a bit because he went too far, he always dribbled past us.

“He was a very calm, humble and easy-going boy. He didn’t complain about anything, neither about his teammates nor about changes. He never had a problem because he was very balanced.”

Vinicius Jr. was defended by Carlo Ancelotti

During the post-match press conference, the Real Madrid coach, Carlo Ancelottidenied that Vini dribbled past to humiliate Mallorca players and assured that the player doesn’t behave like that on the pitch.

“Vinicius is a special player. Due to the way he plays, it can sometimes happen that rivals get angry. But everyone has to understand that he always tries to dribble, whether his team wins or loses,” he said. -he declares.

“Sometimes I understand that rivals are a little more irritated than usual, but that’s something that happens in football. With experience you will learn little by little,” he added.

With his performance last Sunday, ‘Vini’ reached 5 goals and 2 assists in 7 games with the real Madrid this season.

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