“I thought it was out of place”

“I thought it was out of place”

After scoring his first goal with the Feyenoord of The Netherlands, Santi Gimenez He revealed his thoughts as it was a one-on-one with the rival keeper and he set it against the post to celebrate a great goal with his new side.

The baby He confessed that he thought he was out of place, that’s why he didn’t have the nerve that is sometimes present, that’s why he defined himself like that and ended up celebrating his first goal in the Old continent.

“I hate one-on-one play because you get nervous that sometimes you end up failing but I thought it was out of place and already thinking it was out of place I tried to define one side, maybe not so much, I defined it well and thank goodness it was not out of place and I was able to score my first goal,” Chaquito revealed for TUDN.

Santi Gimenez He considers that everything in his sports career has gone quickly and that he is really living the dream he had since he was a child, although he is far from Mexico and his family.

“I don’t know if the 20 fell on me, but everything happened very quickly. Then I’m in my apartment and I start to think I’m away from my family, I’ve achieved everything I ever wanted since I was a kid, it’s something wonderful, I’m living the dream” , added the former Cruz Azul .

Santi Giménez on his first goal

Ultimately, Gimenez fight for a place for the Qatar 2022 World Cupthat’s why he tries to adapt quickly to the Eredivisie and be the Santi Gimenez who has always been on and off the pitch.

“I’m trying to adapt as soon as possible, obviously because I want to be on the World Cup list, I want to give my best for Feyenoord, which was the club that gave me confidence. in Europe and I want to be the Santiago Giménez that I am, no I don’t want to prove anything to anyone, not even myself, but I want to be the Santiago Giménez that I have always been”.


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