Iga Swiatek: “I understood that I had nothing more to prove”

Iga Swiatek: “I understood that I had nothing more to prove”

Seven titles in seven finals, an abysmal statistic that takes on even more weight if we take into account the fact that two have been in Grand Slams. The 2022 season of Each Swiatek is scandalous, reinforced a few days ago by its triumph in the US Open 2022, where he once again nibbled the classification, where he already has more than 5,000 points ahead of Ons Jabeur. In an interview for voguethe Polish tennis player reflects on her rebuilding process this summer and managing expectations in New York.

Commitments after winning a Grand Slam

“I haven’t stopped since, the other night I got to go see Hamilton but other than that most things have been media obligations so I can’t wait to go to bed, watch the TV and reading books It was kind of weird walking the streets of New York with the trophy the good thing is I wasn’t getting too much recognition so it’s nice to have that peace of mind after such an intense tournament. I also got to walk around Central Park, so I’m happy.”

The weight of being number 1

“The fact that the conditions here aren’t my favorite helped me because I realized that I had already done a lot this season, I realized that I really had nothing to chase. I would say the expectations were higher on the tour leading up to the US Open than the tournament itself because the first part of the season was amazing and very consistent for me with this winning streak I was surreal, but with the feeling that I had to give the best of myself in every match.In the end, all the tournaments that I won during these first months allowed me to play more freely in the United States.

Double with Nadal in an exhibition match

“It was something surprising, we had already played singles a few years ago at Roland Garros, it was a gift from my team. To be with Rafa on the same side of the pitch was incredible, also for such an important cause. than to help people. In that moment I saw that this whole trip was worth it, that everything had come true. Rafa is a great person, on and off the pitch, he made me inspired a lot, especially this year when I saw her Australian Open final.”

The higher it is, the more dizzying it is

“The least pressure I felt was in my first Grand Slam final, there I felt that I was still not the favorite, even though I was in the final. At that time, I I wasn’t even seeded, I had nothing to prove to anyone. At my second Roland Garros, I already felt a lot more pressure, everyone expected me to win there, they m even appointed as a clay court specialist. The US Open final was different, it was much stronger, with so many celebrities in the stadium. Ons was a very dangerous opponent, he also came with the experience of having made a final at Wimbledon, he knew it would be a great battle”.

Relationship with Ons Jabeur

“Ons is a great person, I’m very introverted, so it’s thanks to her that we have a good relationship. She’s very open-minded, always smiling and has jokes to tell, meeting her was great. more than being a great player, determined, ambitious, it’s good that we have this mutual respect. For women’s tennis I think it’s important, there is no tension between us during the round, all the girls are very friendly and we support each other. Even though we are still fighting and want to win on the pitch, there is a great atmosphere.”

Referent in Poland

“It’s amazing, especially in these times when I feel that we should all be united. There is a war right next to our country, in Ukraine, so to represent Poland and give a little more joy to my people m inspires, it pushes me to go even further. Sometimes I just want to entertain people, especially Poles, because I’m proud of my country and the way we’ve handled this whole problem over the past few months. .”

The city that never sleeps

“New York is a city I’m still trying to get used to. It’s very noisy, there’s always stuff going on, so you quickly lose concentration. During the tournament, I tried to be as calm as possible, until the day I met Lindsay Vonn, which was surprising because she is someone I have admired for a long time. I also met Seal and took a picture with Serena Williams. Even before the tournament started, I already felt that I had achieved something great.

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