“I’m not selling the soul of Formula 1”

“I’m not selling the soul of Formula 1”

The turning point in the Formula 1 concerning the calendar has been the subject of much criticism. The integration of circuits in countries where human rights are not guaranteed to the detriment of historic tracks, such as Spa-Francorchamps, does not seem to convince either the fans or the drivers.

Stefano Domenicali, CEO of Formula 1, came to the stage: “I’m not selling the soul of Formula 1. It’s a normal change. We’re opening up to everyone.” In an interview for sports photographythe former Ferrari boss acknowledges that the economic factor plays a very important role in the choice of the calendar: “Money is important everywhere, also for us, but we don’t just look at that. The package must be correct. If we only looked at the economy, the calendar would be different”.

For the Italian, competing in countries like Saudi Arabia is even beneficial: “Last year, there were a lot of women and young people in the race. They were able to enjoy something that was impossible before. The fact of going to these countries makes the focus on the subject”.

Domenicali afirma en sky sports that Formula 1 has improved the situation of women in the Gulf countries: “Without us, it could have been a very different place. There is even a first progress: women can drive in Saudi Arabia for four years.

Arabia yes, Germany no

While Saudi Arabia is guaranteed its place on the calendar for the next 15 years, a grand prize in Germany It looks like it won’t happen in Formula 1 in the short term: “If I don’t call myself, I hear very little from Germany. They talk and talk and talk, but in the end we need facts.”

Another country that will not host any races will be Russia because of the war with Ukraine. “Never say never, but then I can promise we won’t have any more negotiations. There will be no more races there.” Domencali confirmed.

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