I’m obsessed with F1 Manager, and that’s because it doesn’t want to be a copy of Football Manager

I’m obsessed with F1 Manager, and that’s because it doesn’t want to be a copy of Football Manager

I’m crazy about Football Manager. Every year I put hundreds of extra hours into the new edition, creating crazier and crazier games like the Kaiserlautern one I told you about a few months ago. I’d love to say I’m a fan of “management” video games, but the reality is that I’m struggling to find new sports titles that have this approach to the world of management, and catch up to me like FM the done every season.

I’ve tried a lot of basketball titles that keep disappointing me, I played Hockey Manager back in the day, and I’m still waiting for a League of Legends manager (because I don’t want decaffeinated mobile versions and pay2win), but so far I’ve only managed to cling tightly to another Pro Cycling Manager. Until I try F1 Manager 2022 for a few days.

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Since the arrival of Liberty Media 2016, Formula 1 has seen an explosion. In addition to making radical decisions in favor of the show on the track, interesting entertainment products have also been created, such as the Drive to survive from Netflix. Without forgetting the expansion of the brand in the United States, a place traditionally associated with other automobile competitions such as the NASCAR where to IndyCar.

F1 Manager is one more step of this plan. A plan, with more signs of success than that of Fernando Alonso, because he is not trying to invent anything. The stories, rivalries and excitement were already there, but now is the time to improve it to the point of making it a global sport.

And perhaps the most interesting thing is that F1 Manager has no interest in emulating the winner of the sports management genre such as FM. It’s not about having a big database and looking for the best, but also about making precise decisions in the race, managing a budget and a schedule to meet specific objectives.

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Maybe that’s what makes the game so successful, or at least what got me hooked on what it has to offer. When you’re away from a race weekend you want it finished so you can design and install that new chassis, while when you’re away you want the races to come and test that new strategy.

His cover letter was graphic design, there’s no doubt about it. And that’s important, because F1 sells spectacle, forcing overtaking and key moments to be seen in all their glory. But unlike a classic racing game, the goal here is to get you more involved in the role of manager. The feeling of overtaking a rival being you at the wheel is very different from that which you have as a team manager.

F1 Manager has achieved what many others have failed to achieve: be a sports management game with its own cachet. I’ll talk more about the game when it’s time for the review, but for now, stick with the idea that it’s one of the titles I’ve been most obsessed with so far this year.

From his story, through teams and competitions, Chris Dorling has gone on to create a whole new country to play with on FM.

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