“I’m sad because every time I start the third, things happen”

“I’m sad because every time I start the third, things happen”

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The start of the 2022 Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix, the first after returning from vacation, appeared to be a difficult challenge for all drivers, as the two world championship contenders, Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc, started from the bottom. of the track. section.

For this reason, many cars came out of their natural position, as happened with Fernando Alonso and, surprisingly, Lewis Hamilton, since the Alpine and the Mercedes lacked the pace necessary to fight for victory with the Ferrari of Carlos Sainz and that of Sergio Perez. Red bull.

It all ended with an accident between the Spaniard and the Briton in Les Combes which caused the retirement of the seven-time champion due to damage to his W13. However, the man from Oviedo continued in fourth place, holding off the approaching peloton after seeing his A522 was damaged in the front left wheel.

It was the accident between Alonso and Hamilton at the start of Spa:

The safety car stabilized the event and Fernando Alonso was able to stay in the fight for the lead positions, although Max Verstappen quickly overcame rivals including Alpine on his return to take the lead. After changing tires, he was solidly in sixth place, because in the round 26 Ride the tough guys and try to get to the end of the trial.

With good pace he stayed in position to score some big points, and a last lap penalty on Charles Leclerc for going over the pit lane speed limit when stopping to set up a game of softs and fetch the fastest lap, allowed to go up a square to be five after 44 rounds.

The incident with Lewis Hamilton compromised the rest of his career, and he even called him an “idiot” when he was contacted in Les Combes, which is why he was asked once down from the Alpine : “For me it was a small mistake. for his part to close the door like that, and at turn 5 we saw many, many times here that he parallels. The same thing happened to him with Rosberg he a few years ago [en 2014]”.

The bone flight attendant They decided not to penalize the Englishman because it was the first lap, to which Alonso said: “It was an incident on the first lap, I think it happens especially in that corner. There’s a lot of things going on, and normally you cut turn 6 and go straight on 7”.

“It’s a complicated part of the circuit, no doubt, and it was a racing incident, nothing to say,” explained the Spaniard. “I’m sad because when I start second or third these things always happen, and when I start 12th or 13th I have a clean race.”

“I wanted to do a normal race, and we already started with an incident, then with a very aggressive strategy and we stopped early every time. I don’t think I was the smartest, but in the end, to be in the top five makes it a good weekend with Charles’ penalty [Leclerc]”, He continued.

“So fifth and seventh [posición final de Esteban Ocon] This is a very good result for the team. It was a bad weekend for McLaren, so we maximized those points.”

Regarding the accident, Alonso went on to explain how it happened: “I think he thought I was gone, so I don’t see that being a mistake, it’s just that, in the heat of the moment, you try to get into the wake and brake late, turn inside, and sometimes you don’t measure the cars or where everyone is, but I don’t know.

“I was very disappointed, when I start well in the first row or the second row, all these things happen, and for sure [Hamilton] He was frustrated at the time, but he accepted his mistake and it’s appreciated,” said Alonso.

The bone damage caused Due to the crashes, Lewis Hamilton found himself out of the race, although the Alpine driver was able to continue, but not before seeing that his car was fine: “I was checking that the car was fine. I also remembered what happened at Paul Ricard with Yuki [Tsunoda]Esteban had a similar incident, when Yuki came off the line and Esteban was fine, so it looks like our car is very resistant to any contact, but let’s not try to use that force.”

“I think I was going to finish sixth no matter what on the first lap, but those fun moments of being first, second or third only last for 500 meters, so unfortunately that was the saddest part,” he said. said the Spaniard.

“I think our race pace was like it has been in the last few races, so there’s no way to compete with the top three teams, and we have a bit of an advantage in the middle zone,” he said. he declared. “We are in no man’s land and making our own career.”

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