In Italy, they fear for the continuity of Monza

In Italy, they fear for the continuity of Monza

Italy will continue to have a Formula 1 Grand Prix. Imola has a valid contract, so it’s guaranteed. On the contrary, they are beginning to fear that Monza is, this time, in serious danger.

For sure. Losing Monza, the “Cathedral of Speed”, one of the mythical circuits, pure history of Formula 1, would be a great shock… even if this same history tells us that the last renewals of the contract with the development of the park have always been preceded by threats not to extend, lamentations for the money claimed, etc.

In Monza, three important facts came together which gave Stefano Domenicali arguments not to sign a new contract unless there was a direct and firm involvement of the local, regional and national authorities and not only because of the question of the canon that the FOM will ask for.

And all this with the “exemplary” factor that a “punishment” at Monza would have for other promoters.

There is a fact that may have happened: the lack of services that there were, both catering and toilets, or the long queues to access them. Something for which the Italian organizers have publicly apologized. But it may be the lesser of the problems or the one with a clearer and more workable solution.

Two other issues are of particular concern. The first, the obstacles that arose for the occupation of the different areas of the park. For example, the Fan Zone was cordoned off because the public prosecutor’s office denounced a violation of environmental regulations, which delayed the planned works… and perhaps, as a result, affected the deficit of certain services.

And finally, the last safety car, which caused so many protests, and the neutralized end of the race. It took a long time to get Daniel Ricciardo’s car out. Perhaps it was not all the fault of the marshals, but rather the Race Direction was not diligent in assessing the situation or in making a decision because Italian commissaires have always stood out for their speed. But it is obvious that the solution requires a major adaptation of the layout.

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