it is worth buying a ticket for the game which will take place in November

it is worth buying a ticket for the game which will take place in November

The 22/23 season will feature five games from the United States and will take place in England, Germany and Mexico. The idea of ​​the National Football League is to transcend borders and bring the sport to scenarios where normally fans cannot enjoy this spectacle.

so let him know ESPN reporter Adam Schefter on his official Twitter account:

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The championship will begin this Thursday, September 8 with the clash between Buffalo Bills vs. Los Angeles Rams, defending Super Bowl champions.

The Mexican public will have the opportunity to receive a special match of the season after having been the place four times:

The match that the Mexicans will have the opportunity to experience will take place in week 11, that is to say Monday, November 21. The teams that will compete areThe Arizona Cardinals and the San Francisco 49ers, for the NFC West Division Series. This engagement will be in the so-called “Monday Night Football” (MNF).

In which stadium will the NFL game be played in Mexico?

The match will take place at the legendary Azteca Stadium in Mexico City. It will begin at 8:20 p.m. Eastern Time in the United States. 7:20 p.m. Mexico time.

The prices of the tickets for NFL Mexico 2022

The entrance price depends on the region and the seat you choose. however, the range is between 990 Mexican pesos (about 218,000 Colombian pesos) and the 5,250 Mexican pesos (1,158,000 Colombian pesos)

Additionally, you can purchase a ‘hospitality’ ticket for a value of up to 9,000 Mexican pesos (1,980,000 Colombian pesos), as published by the main business portal in Mexico.

Where can I buy NFL tickets in Mexico 2022

The company Ticketmaster Mexico She is in charge of selling tickets for the November game.

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