It would cost Liga MX to include the ‘Hawk Eye’

It would cost Liga MX to include the ‘Hawk Eye’

In the MX League there is an important debate after a controversial act in the National Classic, then after the ‘phantom goal’ of Sergio Flores what, they say, cut short Guillermo Ochoawe think that the ‘Hawk Eye’ to our football, but do it It would cost a million.

In “top” leagues in Europe the ‘Hawk Eye’ is something that is already installed in all the stadiums, because they are trying to do the Soccer sea ​​’fairer and less controversial”but such an investment in MX League does not seem so viable in the short term.

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How much would it cost to introduce the “Hawk Eye” in Liga MX?

according to many reports local media, Implementation of this Technology it wouldn’t be cheapbecause not only the cost of the devices should be taken into account, but also the installation, maintenance And tomorrow.

If you wanted to have this technology in Mexicoit is said that the MX League it is necessary that pay 100 million pesos every yearsince it is sophisticated technology and apparently has constant costsso it wouldn’t be very feasible.

In the MX League rarely self and rooms who deserve the ‘Hawk Eye’Well, what happened in the National Classic it happens several times a season, or sometimes it does not happen, so use it 5 times a year, for example, and pay 100 million weight, doesn’t seem practical.

What is clear is that many experts in the Soccer suggested introducing the ‘Hawkeye’ in Mexicobut the heavy expense that would entail complicates everything, so we’ll see if that happens in the future.

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Just to be clear on the subject, the ‘Hawk Eye’ it’s a Technology which is installed in the porteríasat the height of goal linewhere by means of cameras if you have one precise angle if he ball enters thein addition to the fact that when the circumference passes the whole line, it notifies the referees in his the clock.

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