“It’s a matter of a few years”

“It’s a matter of a few years”

Pedro Martínez de la Rosa has no doubts. In the not too distant future, women will arrive in Formula 1. But for that to happen, there must be changes especially on the road formula 2one of the previous stages to reach the ‘Grand Cirque’.

“Clearly it’s only a matter of time before we have a woman in Formula 1. It will be amplified because it will be the first competition to have a man-woman showdown“, comments de la Rosa in ‘As’.

However, changes must take place in Formula 2 for this to happen, due to the difficulty of driving the cars of this category: “However, to arrive in Formula 1, there is a series of stages, in particular Formula 2. The F2s are very physical because they don’t have power steering, unlike an F1. I think that’s the biggest obstacle for women.because such a physical car does not let them shine”.

“And then, the best of the W series should enter F2. But as long as F2 does not change, we will not see a woman in F1, even if it is a question of a few years”, comments-t he to conclude. the problem.

A few weeks ago, Nico Rosberg, F1 world champion in 2016too supported the arrival of women in F1: “We must promote equality so that the pilots can reach the top. We need to further promote the presence of women in motorsportJust like we do in Extreme E, we have to get to Formula 1.”

It is a fact that little by little women have a more important role. The creation of the W series was a further step, but still we have to move forward so that we see for the first time in history a woman in a Formula 1 Grand Prix.

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