“It’s a miracle that Federer lasted so long”

“It’s a miracle that Federer lasted so long”

09/19/2022 at 20:33


Pierre Paganini, the tennis player’s physical trainer, analyzes his physical condition and some of the reasons for his retirement from professional tennis

Next weekend, the Swiss will play his last tournament in the Laver Cup

The retirement of Roger Federer, icon of world tennis, marked a before and after in the world of racket sports. Admired around the world, the Swiss decided to hang up his racket at 41 yearsafter 24 years in the professional circuit and drags physical problems in the last two, which according to his physical trainer Pierre Paganiniplayed a key role in decision making.

In an interview for Swiss media ‘Blick’, Paganiniwhat knowledge a Federer when the winner of 20 “Grand Slams” I had 14 years oldanalyzes the situation of his player and details the reason for the decision of the Swiss.

“Since July, he has started to combine the different elements of the formation, and noticed that everyone had to try harder. I had to try really hard to get to a relatively low intensity.”That, as his physical trainer says, was the trigger for it all. roger I had thought of returning to the circuit ATP at his home tournament Basel, which will take place next October. The thing went wrong in the last few months of setting up, however, where the player saw how his physique did not respond as he himself expected.

“I have worked hard to become competitive again, but I know the limits of my body,” the Swiss said in his farewell statement. After 24 years of professional career there 1,500 parties behind his back, “in recent years he has put his body under extreme stress”, in the words of Paganini. “He did countless practices. It seems like a miracle to me that he lasted until he was 41, especially considering the last five years of putting his body to extreme work.

Therefore, and due to the issues mentioned, Rock think the decision roger is the right one, in addition to admitting to feeling relieved not to harm the future of her friend. “The resignation of roger it is also a relief for me. We don’t want him to get injured again and then have physical problems in the future.”

Finally, he commented on the presence of roger on the slopes of make the cupwhich takes place this year at London of the next from Friday 23 to Sunday 25. “I’ll probably decide at the last minute. He is trained to have as much information as possible on whether it is a good idea or not”, concluded the one who will be his physical trainer for the last time in his sports career.

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