“It’s a miracle that Nadal has won two Grand Slams this year”

“It’s a miracle that Nadal has won two Grand Slams this year”

Rafa Nadal’s loss to Frances Tiafoe in the US Open Round of 16 He took the tennis world by surprise, which wasted no time in analyzing the keys to the match and what were the details that allowed Tiafoe to beat Nadal.

Speaking to Eurosport, seven-time Grand Slam winner Mats Wilander He thinks Nadal was affected by the fact that he had less competitive pace. “It looked like Rafa was a bit slow or had trouble reading Tiafoe’s game. When you watch Fognini or Tiafoe play, they both hit their forehand from behind with a short, quick shot. You have to remember that Nadal didn’t play enough tennis before the US Open.”

Wilander himself says it’s a miracle that Nadal has won two Grand Slams this year. “It’s a miracle that Nadal won two Grand Slams and reached the Wimbledon semi-finals this year. If you look at his year, with the regular season he had, he won two Grand Slams . It’s incredible. It wasn’t planned, but I think the players know when Rafa is not 100 per cent up to his standard.”

A similar opinion is shared by another tennis figure like Álex Corretja, Eurosport commentator during this US Open, who believes that Nadal lacked energy during the match. “I don’t think Rafa Nadal was at his best physically. It was like he didn’t have the energy he needed to hit the ball and set the pace. He was struggling, he was a little behind on the ball and when you play against someone like Tiafoe who hits really hard, it’s bad. I don’t know if he had a problem or if Tiafoe was playing too fast and was not comfortable. I think the humidity at the start of the match put him in difficulty, he was sweating a lot. He asked for a medical leave but I think Rafa lacked energy today”.

Corretja also thinks Nadal will have a shorter schedule for the rest of the season. “In my opinion, Rafa needs to think about what he wants to do in the future because it’s early September and finishing number one is important, but it’s also important to save energy. I don’t think I’ll play more than two or three tournaments by the end of the year.”

Finally, like Wilander, Corretja considers it a miracle that Nadal has won two Grand Slams this year and assures that the Spaniard is the great icon of tennis. “For me, it’s a miracle that Rafa Nadal was able to win in Australia and at Roland Garros. What can we say? He’s our icon, the best example of our sportand if he lost today, it’s because Frances played unbelievably and gave it his all.”

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