“It’s amazing how Ferrari can ruin every race”

“It’s amazing how Ferrari can ruin every race”

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Ferrari’s performance, both on track and in strategy, has been a regular topic of debate this Formula 1 season, during which the team has made numerous mistakes that have always drawn criticism.

Former boss of Renault, Flavio Briatorewas the last to join the list of critics, and after the Italian GP he said: “It’s amazing how Ferrari manages to do everything right on Saturday. And it’s amazing how Ferrari manages to ruin every race .”

Last weekend Ferrari called for the pits Leclerc when a vintage and virtual safety car was put in place after Sebastian Vettel retired. However, before the Monegasque driver left the pit lane, the green flag had already been reactivated and the race restarted. Thus, if in theory the stop could seem opportune, in practice it was not quite correct, since the pilot could not use all the advantage he could have by stopping during the neutralization.

As if that were not enough, having stopped earlier, on lap 13, 40 seconds from the finish, Charles Leclerc had to stop again later. On the other hand, his rival, Max Verstappen, made only one pit stop.

Rivals support Ferrari:

So far, after 16 of the 22 races completed, Ferrari have only won four: Leclerc three and Carlos Sainz one. They have only converted three poles into wins, Leclerc twice (once in Bahrain and once in Australia) and Sainz once, in Britain.

These types of strategic errors and mechanical failures left the team that started the season with title hopes, fueled by Charles Leclerc’s first-round victory in Bahrain, at a loss. With so many problems, Ferrari lost the lead in the drivers’ and teams’ championships and saw its chances disappear.

With six races remaining in the season, Red Bull leads the constructors’ championship with a 139-point lead over Ferrari. Meanwhile, Verstappen leads Leclerc by 116 points in the drivers’ championship. As the table stands, Ferrari should even keep an eye on third-placed Mercedes, who have 371 points, just 35 behind the Italian outfit.

And in the next race, there may be a title:

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