Jairo Torres, champion with Atlas defends the MLS

Jairo Torres, champion with Atlas defends the MLS

From May 2022 Tower of Jairus came to MLS, having been attracted by the project of the Chicago Fire team, a club where Mexican football legends such as Jorge CamposPavel Pardo and Cuauhtemoc Blanco.

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A series of injuries prevented him from proving himself as he did with Atlas, the club that trained him, saw him debut and become champions. Although he is not in his best form, the native of Guadalajara, Jalisco confirms the good level of the team MLS.

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“A lot of people say MLS is a league to retire in but no”…

“I think it’s also a pretty complicated league. Many say that MLS is a league to retire from but not really, that they come to play because they are very wrong. MLS is taking giant steps in football and that is reflected in the results that have been against teams from Mexico or at national team level,” Jairo said for Aztec Sports TV.

For Jairo Torres, a member of the squad that achieved the championship feat for the Jalisco side and now a player in the chicago fire“The MLS level is not for players looking to retire” and that was his message.

Torres from afar still watches Atlas, a team he also admitted to still being a loyal fan of.

“Yeah, I really watch all of his games when I can. I try to watch all the games, I also saw the game against New York and I continue to have contact with my teammates, to talk to each other, in fact I asked Jérémy to take one of the jerseys that came out of the two-time champion, because more than a player, I’m also an Atlas fan and well that jersey is very cool”.

The Foxes group created the Bicampeonato commemorative jersey with a 2-0 defeat against New York CityMajor League Soccer team.

Jairo is already working on his recovery to show his best face and look for his team to reach the playoffs, catch the attention of the Mexican team coach and some clubs in Europe.

“First, being able to perform well here, put the team in the playoffs, fight for the championship. That’s how other teams look at you when you’re competing at the top. That’s what we happened with Atlas, we started to compete at the top, to win titles and they all looked to us. I think it’s essential to reach the playoffs, to start leaving the team at the top so that they are starting to look at you from all sides, because the dream of every player is to be able to go to Europe, but first of all it is to do good things here”.

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The former youngster from the Academy is delighted to be able to face his former team in one of these events where teams from both leagues are seen. In the meantime, the 22-year-old will look to prepare and perform well for his club in order to be visible, as he has done with Atlas.

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