Jerry Jones calls journalist Stephen A. Smith a ‘fraud’: ‘You’re going to the Cowboys’

Jerry Jones calls journalist Stephen A. Smith a ‘fraud’: ‘You’re going to the Cowboys’

The journalist Stephen A. Smith is known to be one of the biggest “haters” of the Dallas Cowboys. A fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Smith still takes on the “Lone Star” franchise.

During a live broadcast in front of The Star in Frisco, Texas, Jones joined Smith for a discussion at the First Take office in a historical fact and in which the owner of Dallas threw a dart at the journalist.

“You are an impostor at heart, you are a true Cowboys fan!” Jones said to the delight of Dallas fans in attendance during the live taping.

The Stephen A. Smith and Jerry Jones relationship

However, the relationship that Stephen A. Smith has is very good to the point that some Dallas fans in the north, they think he’s actually a fan of the ‘Lone Star’ set.

“That’s a fucking lie. It’s not true. I’m not a Dallas fan, but I don’t hate the Cowboys. I can’t stand his fans, but that’s love. What I mean by that is strictly on a fun basis. You know, how we grew up and things like that, you hate a particular team or you hate their fans and they make you nervous. That’s all. It’s nothing. I mean it’s fun,” he said in an interview with The Dallas Morning News.

Moreover, he ruled that “I love Jerry Jones. Absolutely, he’s my boy. We hung out at a Super Bowl party once and it was awesome. He is an overall incredibly nice person who seems to have a good soul.

At the time he met him, Smith recalled that “we had a meeting beforehand for ESPN and Disney and all that and Jerry Jones was there. I don’t know if it was as a presenter or something. . Yes I met him and people were nervous about him and I meeting because I always criticize the Cowboys. I went to say hello and Jerry introduced himself and said, “My friend.”

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