Jerry Jones would like Cooper Rush to complicate Cowboys QB decision

Jerry Jones would like Cooper Rush to complicate Cowboys QB decision

Dak Prescott would be back sooner than expected. Meanwhile, the team owner would like the substitute to play so well, to create a dilemma

FRISCO, Texas — Owner and General Manager jerry jones he wants that Cooper Rush make life difficult for Dallas Cowboys.

He wants that Cooper Rushthe backup quarterback, is playing so well it’s sparking controversy over whether Dak Prescott he is expected to start once he is fit to play after undergoing surgery on his right thumb last week.

“Of course I would. Of course. That would mean we’re won over,” he replied. jerry jones. “Rush plays as well as Prescott? What will play well in the next games? I would walk to New York for it to be so.”

As Jones spoke, images from 2016 surfaced. Dak Prescott was a fourth-round pick that year, replacing the injured Tony Romo, who injured his back in a pre-season game. After losing the first game of the season that year, the Cowboys they won 11 in a row, a franchise record, and Romo never regained his starting position. he can Cooper Rush Do that?

“Well, I don’t know,” snapped Jerry Jones. “No record can be found where he said he thought Dak Prescott he could do it when he had the chance. But he did.”

Cooper Rush will have its second consecutive starting game on Monday against the New York Giants and only a third of his career. The Cowboys won Rush’s starting games in last-minute drives, including a 50-yard field goal to beat the Cincinnati Bengals 20-17 last week.

There is a flaw in the Jones comparison. Unlike the injury Tony Romo when the Cowboys knew he was going to miss a few months, Jones thinks there’s a chance that Dak Prescott return on October 2 against the Washington Commanders.

“Well, of course we want Dak to be here next week,” Jones agreed. “That’s the thing. You do it. But Dak and I want Rush to lead the team to a win here and get another win and another win. That’s the only way to look at it. Looking in back when Dak was playing in place of Tony, it was game by game. It wasn’t a long-term view that we had after two months. It was actually game by game, almost series by series. So, “I think it’s possible for Rush to play at a level to win like Prescott did when he replaced Romo? Yes, I do. I certainly think it’s possible.

A Dak Prescott The stitches from the surgery have not yet been removed. He underwent rehabilitation and conditioning work during the portion of Thursday’s practice that was open to the media.

Immediately after the loss at the beginning of the season against the Tampa Bay Buccaneerssources have indicated that Prescott he would miss 6-8 weeks but the club received favorable news from the surgeon that it could be a four week absence, if not sooner.

“I’ll tell you, it won’t be because someone is afraid of getting hurt. [otra vez]Jones said. “If we are worried [es] by his grip and the strength of his grip. But is it possible for him to play in four weeks? The answer is yes”.

But back to the possibility that Rush to be more than a substitute. Asked what stories Prescott needs to study the videos of Rush, Ezekiel Elliott smiles.

“It’s actually the viewers who want the clicks, to be seen, they’re going to say the most outrageous things and get the most attention. That’s their job. Who knows if they really believe it.”

But what happens when Jones says he expects to have a “dilemma”, when Prescott Are you in good health?

“He wants you all to hear it too,” he smiles Elliot. “It’s marketing, man. It’s marketing.”

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