Juan Escobar opts for knee treatment; evolution in a month will determine if surgery is necessary

Juan Escobar opts for knee treatment; evolution in a month will determine if surgery is necessary

Cruz Azul has indicated that the Paraguayan defender will undergo treatment to optimize his rapid recovery.

MEXICO — Although he missed the rest of the Opening 2022, John Escobar He escaped from the operating room and his recovery is estimated at around 10 weeks, a much more optimistic prognosis than that initially given by the medical service of Blue Cross.

In any case, the Paraguayan defender will miss the rest of the tournament, although he could be ready to start the pre-season of the next Clausura 2022 when La Maquina start working in November.

After the medical evaluation and the magnetic resonance performed on Tuesday for Escobar by the orthopedist Raphael Ortega, It has been determined in conjunction with the player, the club and the specialist that he does not have surgery on his right knee and instead undergoes conservative rehabilitation with physiotherapy and specific muscle strengthening exercises.

Cement Club sources confirmed ESPN than the doctor Raphael Ortega confirmed Monday’s first diagnosis: a complete rupture of the posterior cruciate ligament in his right knee.

This means that by not undergoing surgery to replace the damaged ligament with a graft of his own skin, the South American footballer will play the rest of his career without said ligament, as has already happened with some footballers. professionals.

Perhaps the best-known case in Mexican football is that of the Ecuadorian Christian “Chucho” Benítez (RIP), who in his most brilliant period with Santos Laguna and America medical studies determined that he played without the posterior cruciate ligament of the left knee and provided this condition with great muscle strength and with three other ligaments that did the work of four: the anterior cruciate, the medial collateral and the lateral collateral, the sources explained. .

In reality, Escobar He had already suffered a similar injury in 2015, before his 20th birthday, when he suffered a partial rupture of this same ligament and was able to recover thanks to rehabilitation without surgery.

Seven years later, already 27 years old, Escobar he has a privileged musculature which will allow him to be rehabilitated with physiotherapy and muscle strengthening exercises to be reassessed in four weeks.

If he shows no discomfort and his evolution is favourable, then it will be decided to continue the last stage of rehabilitation so that the Guarani defender can be ready in the first half of November.

Only in the scenario where I felt pain, Escobar could undergo surgery at the end of October, but the sources consulted by ESPN they hope that Juan’s musculature and discipline will lead him to a faster recovery than expected, with which he will only miss the remaining seven days and a possible instance of repechage and Liguilla in case La Maquina turn the corner in this contest .

What will the rehabilitation of Juan Escobar consist of?

After being evaluated in Guadalajara by Dr. Raphael Ortegathe Paraguayan defense John Escobar He has chosen to follow a treatment that will last a month, and after this time, depending on his evolution, it will be determined whether or not he requires surgery.

In an interview for ESPN, Raphael Ortega spoke about the state of health of Escobar and said that the defender of Blue Cross “He has an injury that will be treated with rehabilitation for a month and if he feels satisfied, if he feels comfortable, he won’t have to operate; Otherwise, surgery will be done.”

Raphael Ortega claimed that the month-long treatment for Juan Escobar consists of a recovery program, primarily focused on increasing quadriceps strength and size. “It’s a work focused on strengthening the quadriceps.”

The doctor said that after a month, if the treatment goes well, Juan Escobar will continue the rehabilitation.

“There are signs that good rehabilitation might be enough and there would be no possibility of surgery,” he said. Ortega.

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