Juarez FC vs Cruz Azul: Summary, Goals and Videos

Juarez FC vs Cruz Azul: Summary, Goals and Videos

The victory before Gallos It was just a mirage, well Blue Cross had a two-goal lead against Juarez Braves and amazingly they tied the game with one more man on the court.

Blue Cross he urgently arrived from the points at the border and the game was quickly accommodated with the expulsion of Javier Salas after six minutes of play, but in the second half he opted for a defensive posture and paid dearly for it.

The machine still has no identity and lacked ideas in front to harm some brave injured who barely received two shots on goal from the cement workers. But luck was on the heavenly side, for Michael Estrade was shot down inside the area by the Caco Garcia and though the whistler did not see it, the HAS BEEN indicated that there was a maximum sentence. At minute 42 the same thing Estrada ensures that the maximum penalty is effective to be entered on the scoreboard Blue Cross.

Estrada developed individual play on the right wing and gave in to Gonzalo Carneirowho escaped Alfredo Talavera to score the second goal in the 47th minute.

The night was clear blue, but the second half took an unexpected turn, with some brave emboldened and a Machine fearing that at 86 she will see her distance shortened with a goal of Dario Lezcanoby mistake in the output of crown of jesus.

But that was not all, because in the last minute of the game Jaiber Jiménez committed a maximum sentence Darwin Machis made it worthwhile to level the game in dramatic fashion.

Now him’Potro‘ will have its first big test in the Circuit Maximum when this Tuesday you saw the Monterrey Rayadosin a match that could mark the awakening of The machine or even his final in this tournament.


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