King Felipe VI thanks Nadal for being ‘one of Spain’s best ambassadors’

King Felipe VI thanks Nadal for being ‘one of Spain’s best ambassadors’

EI King Felipe VI thanked the tennis player on Tuesday Raphael Nadal who, with his efforts and his excellence, has become “one of the best ambassadors” of Spain.

This is what the king underlined in the 5th Camino Real Award Ceremony awarded by the University of Alcal de Henares (UAH) to Spaniards who “in an exceptional and exemplary way project and enhance the positive image of Spain in the United States”

By receiving this award, Nadal “becomes a new link in an excellent chain of Spaniards who, through their admirable and exceptional work, help to promote and spread the best image of Spain in the countries of North America”, the king pointed out.

With their work, Nadal and the previous winners of this award transmit the “most genuine and positive” values, Don Felipe added after highlighting Nadal’s “irreproachable and irreproachable attitude”, “not only in the field of sport”.

For the monarch, the “firmness and determination” with which Nadal dazzles countless followers has given him a projection that “It led him to be one of the best ambassadors that our country may have and for that I also want to thank you”.

The king explained that the name of the prize awarded by the “Benjamin Franklin” institute of the UAH recalls the Camino Real of California, nearly 1,000 kilometers long, which connected the more than 20 Spanish missions of Alta California.

For it, the award recognizes the work “of those men and women who continue to proudly bear the name of Spain in all territories of North America”.

Don Felipe also highlighted Nadal’s ability to “keep working to improve, and to do it while having fun”.an extreme in which he coincided with the tennis player himself, who in his speech underlined his intention to continue playing.

“I hope this award does not imply the end of my tennis career, it is not my intention“, he assured with a big smile in the auditorium of the university after receiving the sculpture made by Carlos Ciriza from the hands of the king.

The The “Camino Real” award was created in 2012coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Institute (1987), to recognize the professional work of Spaniards who, in a remarkable and exemplary way, project and reinforce the positive image of Spain in the United States.

The President of Caixabank and Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Franklin Institute, Jos Ignacio Goirigolzarriexplained that it was unanimously agreed to award the prize to Nadal because “he embodies the highest qualities of athletes: sacrifice, effort, fair play, humility in victory and greatness in the face of adversity” .

The the tennis player is “an obligatory reference for young people because of his honesty, his ability to surpass himself and the respect of his rivals”, pointed out

Previous recipients of the “Camino Real” award have been tenor Plcido Domingo, cardiologist Valentn Fuster, basketball player Pau Gasol and actor Antonio Banderas.

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