KLOPP SAID IT ALL: Liverpool manager’s brutal speech after learning Bournemouth fired Scott Parker

KLOPP SAID IT ALL: Liverpool manager’s brutal speech after learning Bournemouth fired Scott Parker

Jürgen Klopp couldn’t help but react to the farewell of his colleague Scott Parker, who, after just 4 Premier League games 2022/23, was fired from AFC Bournemouth, the club from which he was promoted from Championship.

The news greatly surprised the DT of LosReds. Admittedly, Parker’s team ate extremely painful goals (4-0, 0-3 and 9-0), but they weren’t against just any rivals. They fell to Arsenal, Manchester City and Liverpool in a very busy and not at all comfortable schedule.

Considering Scott was the manager who brought Bournemouth back to the Premier League, and considering they won the only games in which they didn’t face members of England’s Big Six (2-0 against Aston Villa and Norwich City of the League Cup), Klopp does not explain the deliberation.

But hey, hence the importance of having patient managers and owners, who really trust the project they have launched. And it is that, when it is not like that, they will throw you at the first opportunity, without analyzing the contexts and the situations (even playing very well, it was very complicated for Bournemouth to score against Arsenal, City and Liverpool).


“3 teams have gone up, Fulham, Nottingham Forest and Bournemouth. Nottingham spends like… Yes, they spend. Fulham do things and I don’t remember Bournemouth doing a lot of them (in the market). It is obviously difficult. If you come from the Championship and arrive in the Premier League (without many signings), it’s difficult for a manager.

“I’m really sorry for Scott (Parker). Not because he thinks his team isn’t good enough. His team just…I don’t know who came up with the idea to give him, in the top 4 matches, Arsenal, City and Liverpool. If you have nervous owners, it’s like leaving everything on.”

“I was very, very surprised. I think Scott is an amazing manager because of what he’s done with Fulham in his first job and with Bournemouth in the Championship. Those are outstanding achievements, really tough and then they give you 4 games, in which you have to play Arsenal, City and Liverpool. And your owner tells you: ‘See you later’. It’s really hard.”

In the Bournemouth statement, by the way, it was mentioned that “To continue to progress, they need to be aligned with the way the club is run, as well as show trust and mutual respect.” That is to say: in addition to the results, it seems that something broke internally.

“However, in order for us to continue to progress as a team and as a club as a whole, it is unconditional that we are aligned with our strategy for the sustainable management of the club. We must also show mutual trust and respect. C This is the approach that has given this club so much success in recent history, and from which we will not deviate from now on. Our search for a new head coach will begin immediately.”

Undefeated data. Scott Parker managed a few promotions during his short coaching career. He guided Fulham and Bournemouth to the top circuit. Unfortunately, things did not go as they would have liked there.

Did you know that…? Back when he was playing, Scott Parker joined the England senior team. His years with the most international opportunities were 2011 and 2012.

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