KTM will integrate engineers from the Red Bull Formula 1 team in 2023

KTM will integrate engineers from the Red Bull Formula 1 team in 2023

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In a conversation a few days ago with Motorsport.comthe leader the company orange motorcycles recognized the qualitative leap achieved by Aprilia and embodied it in the figure of Massimo Rivalthe CEO of the automaker’s racing division Noale.

Rival landed in Aprilia in view of the 2019 MotoGP season, after a long experience in teams like Ferrari there Red Bull. In a process that is not yet complete, the Italian engineer hired specialists he knew from that previous stage, focusing, above all else, on the areas of aerodynamics and degradation management. tires, two of the keys to F1 today. Aprilia has integrated the experience of F1. the new boss [Rivola] He is very intelligent; I really like. He came from F1 and brought with him a lot of experience in terms of aerodynamics.“, said Stephane piercer who writes these lines

Far from disturbing him, the growth displayed by Aprilia over the past two seasons motivates him, especially as it adds another European manufacturer to his personal crusade. since a long time against the Japanese. “I am very happy that in 2022 there will be three European manufacturers against two Japanese, given that Suzuki leave him. I like that there is competition between European manufacturers. I like to beat Japanese brands, it’s as simple as that.” added KTM’s controversial leader.

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Aware everything what precedes, the Austrian decided to shoot along the same road, something that in his case is very close if we have in account of its close relationship with Red Bull. AIn addition to being the official KTM training sponsor, energy drink brand It also has the structure that last year was proclaimed F1 world champion, with Max Verstappen. Actually, close to level reached by thruster Honda integrating the red buffalo single-seater, another of his large indicates strength is are aerodynamic, with a genius like Adrian New head of this department.

Next year We are going to increase the focus on personnel coming from F1. Luckily we have a long relationship with Red Bull, who are a winning team, so we know which door to knock on.”, granted business man, who, according to Forbesmanages personal assets of 1,200 million euros. Red Bull has hundreds of highly experienced aerodynamic specialists. This will be one of the keys in 2023”, Stone riveted.

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