KWEB and other China ETFs down more than 10%

KWEB and other China ETFs down more than 10%

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Exchange-traded funds focused on China-based companies began trading deep into negative territory on Monday. Some funds fell 15% on concerns about the nation’s future growth as President Xi Jinping begins his third five-year term as head of the country’s Communist Party.

As a result, funds such as the popular KraneShares CSI China Internet ETF (NYSEARS:WEB), which aims to track Chinese companies linked to Internet-related technologies, has fallen 17.5% early on Monday.

With the slide, KWEB is now down on the year 50.7%.

China gave Wall Street Q3 GDP numbers at 3.9% Y/Y, which beat the consensus estimate of 3.4% Y/Y, but was still well below China’s official full-year target of 5.5%.

Other Chinese exchange-traded funds have also suffered due to economic worries. Other related funds that are in the red to start the week are as follows:

(NASDAQ:MCHI) -10.4%(FXI) -10.5%(ASHR) -4.9%(GXC) -9.1%(NYSEARS:QQQQ) -11%(CXSE) -1.1%(KBA) -5.6%(CNYA) -4.5%(YINN) -31.8%(GET OUT) -13.5%(NASDAQ:PGJ) -18.1%(WEB PAGE) -34.4%and (Rayc) -4.2%.

“It’s quite clear that investors are simply not sure about the future of the Chinese economy,” Dickie Wong, executive director of research at According to Kingston Securities.

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