Kyrgios: ‘A lot of coaches told me it wasn’t going to be good’

Kyrgios: ‘A lot of coaches told me it wasn’t going to be good’

In recent months, he managed to display his best tennis until reaching the Wimbledon final where he fell to Novak Djokovic or beat world number one Daniil Medvedev. Having won the trophy at ATP Washington 2022, Nick Kyrgios to arrive at U.S. Open as a candidate to kill everyone he meets. In an interview with Sports Illustrated, the Canberra man talks more intimately about how he was treated early in his career, while explaining the extent of his passion for the Boston Celtics.

The bullying he has been the victim of since childhood

“When I was young I was an overweight kid. A lot of coaches and teachers told me it wasn’t going to be good. I faced the same criticism all over Australia, to racism, to everything. I still have a big resentment in me. It stings me. Now it doesn’t sting anymore, but I don’t forget it. So now, when I’m on top, I won’t let them I just need to channel it the right way. I definitely have thick skin, because I process a lot.

Australia’s deal

“As for the big names in Australian tennis, they haven’t always been the kindest to me personally. They haven’t always been supportive. They haven’t been supportive during those two weeks at Wimbledon. It’s difficult to read what they say about me. It’s weird that they have some kind of sick obsession to tear me apart for some reason. I don’t know if they don’t like me or if they’re scared .I don’t know what it is, but it sucks,” Nick confessed.

His Boston Celtics fan

“I’ve literally ruined tennis games if they lost in double overtime. If someone plays me and they know the Celtics lost, that’s their chance. It’s definitely their best option to fight me, to play with me that day.

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