legends are respected

legends are respected

Sentencing Cristiano Ronaldo to bank of Manchester United is so bold how to get rid of one main actor in a period film.

The new coach of the ‘Red Devils’, Erik ten Hagit is sin bold and it’s missing respect to one Legendso much so that in the game against Liverpool he sent the Portuguese into the field until the 86th minute.

Good footballers always have their place and Cristiano is not only a good footballer, he is a freak who, at 37, has left proof that he remains intact compete in the elite. Very quickly he forgot that last season he was the best player for a declining United.

It is a reality that your desire to leave of the team, not participating in the pre-season and the cold relationship with the new strategist at a disadvantage, but it is a inexplicable luxury have it and use it sparingly.

Ronaldo is not and never will be a ‘supporting actor‘; need of reflectorsare part of your essenceand it’s a competitive beast who can hardly take away from an institution with everything and its narcissism.


After a shaky start with two crushing Premier League defeats, Manchester Unitedalight‘ and adds four straight wins in which Cristiano hasn’t even come close to shining, as he adds just a few minutes of relief.

At the moment, the stats indicate that Ten Hag hasn’t made a mistake with the Portuguese’s replacement, as he’s also betting on a very dynamicexplosive and which bases its strength on the Position; However, Ronaldo is not superfluous and sooner or later the coach will have to give him the place he deserves. matches in the starting 11.

And that day could be today against Real Sociedad in the Europa League, a completely unknown competition for ‘M. Champions‘, but at the moment it appears as a safety jacket and an ventilation in which the attacker can poke his head out.


It is difficult to understand the lightness with whom today desserts at legendsthis about the different journalistic versions in which it was assured that several clubs”despisedto Cristiano and they closed the door on the possibility of signing him.

Can a team or a coach really afford to say ‘no’ to a footballer like Ronaldo?

The stories seem half-told, because one thing is that due to salary, age, philosophy of a certain institution or various factors, the Portuguese failed to land in an aspiring club to fight for the Champions League; so no one wants there is one long road.

Own ‘CR7′ He said that at the time he would give his version of what happened, since he said that virtually everything that was said about their possible destinations was lies.

If it happens with Cristiano Ronaldo or even with Leo Messi, who has been said ad nauseam to be “to end”, which awaits the simple deadly?

To legends se them respect.

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