Leylah Fernandez: ‘I thought everything would be perfect after the US Open’

Leylah Fernandez: ‘I thought everything would be perfect after the US Open’

The twelve months were very long for Leila Fernandez, although perhaps not so much. La Candense played their first Grand Slam final in the U.S. Open 2021, where she lost in straight sets to Emma Raducanu, an experience that allowed her to savor the best and worst of the sport. Since then, it is true that she has not made much noise on the circuit, even if she was the first to know the difficulties that awaited her. Now that the season is in its final stages, Leylah looks mature and ready for a challenge like this. This is how he expressed it in media day of this Friday.

ready to play

“This year’s US Open is going to be fun, it’s going to be exciting. I’m super happy to be back here, I hope I can play well in front of the New York crowd and that the atmosphere is as electric as ever. ‘last year. My thought coming here was awesome, I didn’t remember everything being so big, I felt like a little girl on a playground, but it was fun. I just want to enjoy my time here. , hopefully we can get through two full weeks, but I just want to take it game by game.”

Deleven months of apprenticeship

“I’m happy with my performance over the past two months, although it’s not what I imagined. I thought everything was going to be perfect, although it was clear that there would be ups and downs along the way and that I should find solutions, go through difficult times. I think it has all been a learning experience, not only about my tennis, which I play constantly, but also about myself. I want continue to improve as a person and enjoy my time on the circuit”.

Serena’s Retreat

“She’s an icon, a legend, those are the first words that come to mind when I think of her. She’s done a lot for sport, not just for female tennis players, but for women in general. She fought for all of us, she did amazing things, it’s kinda sad to see her leave the sport, it paved a way for all WTA players, even some ATP players. , for all of us to reach our goals and express our feelings, let’s keep fighting for what they believe in.

Relationship with Raducanu

“It’s funny, from time to time we meet, but we don’t talk about what happened in New York. I think we both have the same mentality, we want to think about the present and not the past. We know what happened in New York, it was a lot of fun, but now we are focusing on the current tournament, on our training. We are happy to see each other again, happy that we are both well, we always wish each other the best. I hope we can continue, improving day by day”.

Faithful to Jorge, his father and trainer

“My dad did his homework by studying other successful dads in the sport, both on the ATP Tour and the WTA. He investigated the father of Maria Sharapova, Andre Agassi or Pete Sampras, among others We studied everything, we learned from what they did and we tried to replicate it, but in our own way. When you see these successful families, it motivates us to do the same, knowing that it will not be not easy because we also went through our difficulties.

Avoid controversy

“I can’t control which ball we play with, I just want to play with the same balls as everyone else. Right now I’m happy to have a tennis ball to hit, nothing more, I remember it there were years when i couldn’t even get a few balls so i had to play with colored balls or ping pong balls it’s something i don’t think about i’m just grateful to have a racket , a ball and a net, that’s all we need to compete, the minimum to put on a show and enjoy on the court”.

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