Liga MX today: Dani Alves closes the door to America: “Here in Mexico I only play in Pumas”

Liga MX today: Dani Alves closes the door to America: “Here in Mexico I only play in Pumas”

Dani Alves saw its first Mexican football tournament and before the bad step of the Pumas in the Apertura 2022 tournament, Rumors of a possible change of scenery began. One of the clubs that has stood out is America, the current leader of the championship and to whom the Brazilian footballer sent him a message.

“No, I will clarify now: Here in Mexico I only play in Pumas, it is the commitment that I assumed, I will not change it for another. I guarantee it,” he told a news conference.

Likewise, the former Barcelona man spoke about his impression of Liga MX, the possibility of going to the world cup in Qatar 2022 and many other topics.

Mexican bowl: “It’s fun football, at any time, anything can happen; a football where in the first few days it took me a bit of time to understand it, after which it’s easier to detect what it’s like. compared to the team that I am feeling better every day, knowing them better, understanding how it works to try to bring them experience, a spirit that maybe they don’t have because the new world is a bit devoid of that spirit needed to be able to compete in a process and all the processes are very hard, difficult, but it already takes a lot of processes in the back, they don’t scare me”.

Off-pitch reviews: “They say it’s part of the show, but in the show I’m in the club, not in the audience, I don’t care what people think of me, what they think I’m capable of, if my end happened… All this cannot be part of my life, because everything I have built in my career has been based on work, concentration to do things well, isolation, even if it is often unavoidable.

He asks his companions to believe and to work: “It’s normal that everything falls on my account, at the end I bring with me a story behind it, it’s normal and I appreciate it, they taught me in my career, when I was little, that if you gon’ fight fight with the biggest, but the biggest He don’t wanna fight he just wanna work change the results There’s no other way I just need the guys to believe in what I offer at work, to pay the price for being someone who is not satisfied with a result. The phase is not bad, it is a pity that it is different. We play the football, we work 3-4 hours a day, we have a good salary, some more than others because when we build more than others it’s normal that they earn more than others, it’s also normal that the attention goes more towards oneself, just like the criticism Nothing changes for me, I do not control what is outside, I control what is inside, which gets up at 7 am morning come work, give the best of myself and if I can build a perfect and spectacular team, if I can’t, I will try to get them out of conformism, out of the comfortable position of believing that they will reach the top. They start their career, their story, there is a price to pay to get things. It’s not that I’m going to come and we’re going to be winners, to be winners comes through hard work, dedication, dedication, following a plan, putting in place what needs to be put in place. The rest is just a distraction, it’s what keeps you from achieving your goals.”

It’s normal that everything falls on my account, in the end I bring with me a story behind it, it’s normal and I appreciate it.

Dani Alves, Pumas footballer

Did you come to the Pumas to win a place in the World Cup? “People talk more about the World Cup than me. I came to Pumas to do my best, to work, to try to salvage expectations. If it takes me to the World Cup… My story in the national team is What will take me to the World Cup or not, it’s not the fact of being at Pumas, Sao Paulo, Barcelona or elsewhere, it’s something that escapes me, I do my job and very well. “.

Were you surprised by the level of football in Mexico? “No, far from it. As I have said countless times, I have always said that the level of Mexican football is brutal, what is true is that there is little belief in it, they are a little disorganized in the organization of the championship, it can be improved, but the level of the players is very high, I really like the good players that Mexico has, what is true is that they do not believe in it too much, they conform, that’s my feeling, people are very conformist. go to Europe for that’s life, if they’re in a good team for them that’s life, no, life is is to live it every day thinking that you can be better every day, at any time a little more and more it differentiates you from the majority What I live here is the same as in Sao Paulo, they tell me criticized, they criticized me, they criticized me and I went to the Olympics and won Olympic gold I’m obsessed with goals, while there is possibility, there is faith and there is hope”.

The level of Mexican football is brutal, what is true is that we do not believe in it.

Dani Alves, Pumas footballer

Reverse the bad moment: “I don’t consider these possibilities (if not eliminated) until they’re real. I believe until the end, I think we’re going to start winning. If that doesn’t happen, life goes on and there is no problem”.

What cost you the most: “The worst thing is a continuous drowning. After we played in Barcelona, ​​people started talking a lot, shooting a lot against the Pumas and I only said one thing: put Barcelona at noon, on our court, with the drowning that we have and that they play on the first touch, I would like to see them here, to see what the result is It seems very easy but it is not, it is very difficult, very complicated but you adapt, it’s part of the First contact is almost impossible.

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