“Look no further, this is the best comeback. Iconic”

“Look no further, this is the best comeback. Iconic”

Beyond what happens on the court, the tennis world is moved – and very much – by everything that happens in the stands, almost always in silence. And in this US Open, just as it happened in the 2021 edition, there was something that resonated strongly, and we’re not just talking about social media.

Because the one who received one of the standing ovations of the tournament is not exactly an athlete, but a fan. She earned it herself. her and her ability to drink glasses of beer in one go.

Just as the TV show swept the stands to capture fans of the racket, the young girl, presumably accompanied by her partner, he took the beer he had in his hand and drank it straight. Not content with that, and to prolong her moment of glory, took his companion’s glass and repeated his gesturereceiving another deafening ovation.

“Look no further. This is the best comeback ever to the US Open. Iconic.”writes the @settenisok account, which echoed the Eurosport France video and which accumulates over 22,000 likes with his post on Twitter.

By return he means that same girl She became famous a year ago nowand in the same tournament, after doing exactly the same thing: a show like no other with beer.

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