Los Angeles Chargers 24-27 Kansas City Chiefs summary and scores in Week 2 NFL | 09/15/2022

Los Angeles Chargers 24-27 Kansas City Chiefs summary and scores in Week 2 NFL | 09/15/2022

22:10 4 minutes ago

4C – 1:20

The Chargers touchdown falls one more touchdown with 1 minute left in the game.

22:07 7 minutes ago

4C – 2:00

two minute break

22:02 12 minutes ago

4C – 3:00

Kansas City’s field goal increases their lead.

21:59 15 minutes ago

4C – 3h30

Kansas City is already in the red zone with a big run and is poised to increase its lead.

21:50 24 minutes ago

4C – 5:50

Kansas City is forced to kick and will have possession of the Chargers again.

21:47 27 minutes ago

4C – 6:30 a.m.

Kansas City advances favorably and lowers the clock with the intention of winning the game by adding more points.

21:36 38 minutes ago

4C – 10:00

Pass intercepted and Kansas City scores with a pick six from 80+ yards.

21:28 an hour ago

4C – 3:00 p.m.

The game is tied with the field goal

21h25 ago

end of third trimester

Kansas City Chargers 17-14.

21:23 an hour ago

3C – 1:17

Travis Kelce with a Kansas City carry in the red zone and close to scoring.

21:17 an hour ago

3C – 4:11

Justin Herbert is stopped behind and will have to kick the Chargers again.

21:10 an hour ago

3C – 6:24

Kansas City is growing and the defense stops three times the Chargers offense that will have to kick.

21:05 an hour ago

3C – 7:00

Touchdown super pass from Mahomes and once again the locals enter the game.

21:04 an hour ago

3C – 7:20

Kansas City can’t find space and Mahomes is forced to throw the ball.

20:52 an hour ago

3C – 9:50 a.m.

Chargers gran pase touchdown from Justin Herbert at Williams.

20:48 an hour ago

3C – 12:20

Chargers advance favorably and approach the red zone.

20:33 2 hours ago

half time

Kansas City Chargers 10-7

20:21 2 hours ago

2C – 2:00

two minute break

20:07 2 hours ago

2C – 8:59

Kansas City stops the Chargers and goes to regain possession of the ball.

20:06 2 hours ago

2C – 10:00

The Chargers have possession again and come almost to midfield.

20:01 2 hours ago


Kansas City’s touchdown is getting closer on the scoreboard and it becomes a very tight game.

19:49 2 hours ago

2C – 14:56

The Chargers touchdown takes off with a 10-point lead.

19:46 2 hours ago

end of first trimester

Chargers 3-0 Kansas City

19:46 2 hours ago

1C – 0:31

Justin Herbert’s 30-yard pass to Williams puts the Chargers in the red zone near the touchdown.

19:37 3 hours ago

1C – 4:40

Patrick Mahomes is stopped behind by Tranquill and they are cornered at the 10 yard line and will be forced to kick again.

19:31 3 hours ago

1C – 6:00

Chargers is at a standstill and will have to settle for 3 points.

19:29 3 hours ago

1C – 7:30 a.m.

Automatic first and ten for an interference on receiver Palmer, Chargers are approaching the red zone.

19:27 3 hours ago

1C – 8:27

Justin Herbert continues with Carter a good pass and the Chargers are already on the ground in Kansas City.

19:22 3 hours ago

1C – 10:00

Bosa stops the run on 3rd down and Kansas City is forced to kick and will be possession of the Chargers.

19:19 3 hours ago

1C – 12:45

Good ranges of more than 5 yards and a nice progression of Kansas which is already in the midfield.

19:16 3 hours ago

start of game

The game begins and first possession will be held by Kansas City.

19:04 3 hours ago

All ready

Everything is ready for the start of the game, the teams are already equipped and jump on the field for the start of the game, an unbeatable atmosphere in Kansas City.

18:59 3 hours ago

QB Duel

In this game, we will have a QB duel that will trigger the Patrick Mahomes affair for Kansas City and the Justin Herbert affair for the Chargers, two quarterbacks who undoubtedly have no present and future in the NFL.

18:54 3 hours ago

Inactive Loader Players

18:49 3 hours ago

Inactive Kansas City players

RB Ronald Jones K Harrison Butker QB Shane Buechele LB Jack Cochrane DE Joshua Kaindoh T Darian Kinnard DE Malik Herring

18:44 4 hours ago

division game

Division game between the Chargers and Kansas City, the same teams split the AFC West division with the Raiders and Denver, undoubtedly a very important game to define the division leader at the moment.

18:39 4 hours ago

already hot

Players are already starting to come out to warm up, some are hanging out with fans, but there’s already a great atmosphere, a near-full house is expected for one of the loudest stadiums in the NFL.

18:34 4 hours ago

They’re already at the Arrowhead

18:29 4 hours ago


Arrowhead Stadium is already starting to fill up, a big ticket is expected for this division game between Kansas City and the Chargers.

18:24 4 hours ago

AFC West

It is one of the closest divisions in the NFL, Kansas City and the Los Angeles Chargers share this division with the Raiders and the Denver Broncos, these four teams have been very well strengthened and promise to be one of the most contested divisions, today the favorite is Kansas City, but any team can give a bell and win the division title.

18:19 4 hours ago

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18:14 4 hours ago

Where and how to watch Los Angeles Chargers vs Kansas City Chiefs online and live

18:09 4 hours ago


The track record is clear and compelling, as over the last 15 games the mark shows 12 wins for Kansas City and 3 wins for the Chargers, so tomorrow the team led by Patrick Mahomes will be favorites to earn their second victory of the season.

18:04 4 hours ago


Neither team had any players injured in Week 1, so they will be able to count on a full squad for the Week 2 game, which will no doubt spark a stir as it is divisional.

17:59 4 hours ago

Watch out for that Chargers player

17:54 4 hours ago

Watch out for this Kansas City player

17:49 4 hours ago

Arrowhead Stadium

17:44 5 hours ago

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