Losing in 2021 and this year’s challenges lengthen Hamilton’s time in F1

Losing in 2021 and this year’s challenges lengthen Hamilton’s time in F1

He admits it pains him to see the different paths he and Verstappen have taken this year

This implies that if he had won in 2021 and this one, the withdrawal would be closer

Lewis Hamilton admits that not having won in 2021 and the difficulties of this year encouraged him to stay longer in Formula 1. The seven-time champion is aware that Mercedes’ problems cannot be solved from one season to the next. another and is committed to seeking victories again.

How to get used to having the victory so far after so many years to win? Lewis Hamilton admits it’s not easy, but he says the mental work helps him a lot.

“It’s extremely difficult. As athletes, we’re super determined. We don’t like to lose, we don’t like to fail. Failure isn’t an option either, but sometimes you do and it’s part of the process. not mortifying yourself, about how you take it, you take it and use it as an experience to move forward and it’s not easy,” Hamilton said in statements posted by the site. Web Race Fans.

Lewis came very close to claiming the record Formula 1 title last year. Seeing Max Verstappen now on his way to victory hurts, especially considering the different paths each have taken with the rule change.

“I wouldn’t say it didn’t hurt. We all know what could have happened,” Lewis recalled.

“We would like to be in this battle, I would like all the cars to be a bit faster and we would all be in a tighter battle in front. I would like there to be only a few tenths between everyone, but our sport is not like that so I don’t worry about that. And it’s something that I can’t control at the moment.”

However, Lewis focuses on what he can control and tries to help the team as much as possible. “My concern, the thing that keeps me up at night is what am I missing, who do I talk to on the track, how can I help Bono, Marcus, Shov. In the aero department, how can I support them to make better choices for the next car?”

In this sense, Lewis does not hide that the fact of not having won in 2021 and the difficulties of this year have encouraged him to extend his time in Formula 1.

“Certainly because it’s going to take more than a year. I think if we had won last year and won this year, the situation would definitely be different and would be on a different path. I love that we’ve entered an even tougher phase and we have to push ourselves and get to the point where we’re a little lighter and we’re floating a little more, so yeah, I would say it encouraged me to stay longer“, he pointed out.

“Also, I feel fit, I find ways to feel better physically. The mental challenge is something that is consistent and it will always be that way because that’s how it is for us athletes, we live at the limit. But now, where I’m alive, I feel really grateful for the opportunity I have here. I like to think that I still deserve a place here, so there’s a lot of work to be done,” said Hamilton said at the close.

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