Mahut, Davis Cup critic: “It does not attract anyone”

Mahut, Davis Cup critic: “It does not attract anyone”

Complicated week experienced by the French team in Hamburg, aware of not being able to fight for the classification after losing in the second round. A few days ago, Gilles Moretton, president of the French Tennis Federation, publicly expressed his strong complaints about the new format of the Davis Cup and towards Gérard Martelé. Now it’s up to you Nicolas Mahutmember of the France team who speaks of “unfair conditions”, in addition to speaking of an end closer than distant and of the team itself, in remarks collected by L’Equipe.

Summary of the week in Hamburg

“It’s really sad since 2019, it doesn’t attract anyone anymore. It was a popular fiasco. There are a lot of things to check, especially the ticket prices. 80 euros is too much, I don’t know who has made that decision. Even against Germany, it wasn’t even half full. I’m quite surprised that Hamburg was chosen as the venue, without wanting to make an excuse about it.

I prefer groups of four to groups of three, but it’s difficult to play two games in a row with the nerves and the physical factor. On the circuit, we know how to chain the matches, but in the Davis Cup, with the adrenaline and the energy that you release, it is not the same fatigue, ”explained the French player. “The Germans, who are the hosts, have a rest day between each game. Not all teams play under the same conditions. It is not fair”.

Mahut, towards the end

“We played a good game against the Germans, but we didn’t succeed. As for the next generation of doubles players, that’s a question the captain has to ask himself. I have a difficult season, I’m trying to reach 2024. Will I make it? If I am no longer efficient, we will have to think of a solution.

The boys want to give their all for the team. They were devastated in the locker room to have lost. They want to live this adventure, even if it is not what we have known”, assured Mahut.

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