Manchester City and Sporting de Lisboa scouts follow Mexico U20 in Revelations Cup

Manchester City and Sporting de Lisboa scouts follow Mexico U20 in Revelations Cup

There are still two days left in the tournament based at the Azulgrana stadium, in which there will be a match between Mexico and the United States, in addition to Peru-Paraguay

The viewers of Manchester City of England and Sporting Lisbon of Portugal, among others, are in the Cup of Revelationswhich is played in the city of Mexicoand one of its priorities is to monitor the activity of Mexican National Team Under-20.

As ESPN Digital was able to investigate, in the tournament that MexicoParaguay, Peru and the United States in the Sub 20 category, there are scouts from European and South American teams.

In addition to the Manchester City and the Sporting Lisbon from Portugal, there is also a scout from Eintracht Frankfurt from Germany and Inter Miami from MLS.

On behalf of the Liga MX teams, we are scouts for América, Cruz Azul, Pumas, Atlético San Luis, Puebla and Mazatlán, following the performance of South American teams preparing to compete in the World Cup in their category .

From South America there is the Cantalao Sports Academy from Peru, according to the information that could be gathered.

In addition to these teams, there are also scouts from other teams in Portugal, but I cannot trace which club they belonged to.

Of the Sporting Lisbon they are at Mexicoafter the good performances of players like Jesús Alcantar, central defender of the Mexican team.

The tournament taking place at the Azulgrana stadium has two more days left, during which there will be a match between Mexico there United Statesin addition to Peru against Paraguay.

In the Mexican team there are top young players such as Joshua Mancha, Esteban Lozano, Rodrigo Huescas, among others.

Mexico missed the world cup Under 20 and the Paris Olympics in 2024, its players therefore have few windows to prove themselves internationally and the Cup of Revelations is one of them.

The defender of Sporting of PortugalJesús Alcantar, and the Cruz Azul youth team, Rodrigo Huescas, are the two players who stand out the most in the team for the Mexican National Team Under-20 who will challenge the Cup of Revelations in the town of Mexico.

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