Mark Bowen: who is the IDLES guitarist who paid tribute to Jorge Campos?

Mark Bowen: who is the IDLES guitarist who paid tribute to Jorge Campos?

IDLES' Mark Bowen dresses as Jorge Campos
This is Mark Bowen, the guitarist who honored Jorge Campos | Photo: Getty Images

Mark Bowenband guitarist SLOW MOTION, is known for the irreverent outfits he wears to his concerts. In the party Listen now at Asbury Park in New Jersey, he became the sensation of the event wearing one of the colorful uniforms of Jorge Camposthe exporter and “hero” of Mexican football.

Through social networks, images of Welsh guitarist wearing the pink uniform similar to the one “The Immortal” wore in the 1994 World Cup in USA. With the number 1 and the name “J. Camposin the back, the musician also wore pink shorts with yellow and brown shoes.

Mark Bowen in the uniform of Jorge Campos in New Jersey | Photo: Getty Images

Who is Jorge Campos fan Mark Bowen?

Mark Bowen has been the lead guitarist and head of percussion and backing vocals for the band Idles since 2009, when the band was founded in Bristol, South East England. Being one of the founding members, he lived from the consolidation to the rise of the group which originated songs like “Never fight a man with a perm”.

Guitarist Mark Bowen left Belfast, Ireland to study in Bristol, meeting the punk rock band’s lead singer while he was on the DJ circuit. The group is made up Joe Talbot, Adam Devonshire, Lee Kiernan and Jon Beavis.

Tribute from guitarist IDLES to “Immortal”!

The pictures of Mark Bowen in the pink uniform Jorge Campos correspond to the show held on September 17 and 18 at Asbury Park, New Jersey. In addition to showing off on the guitar, the guitarist also takes care of the backing vocals and keyboards of SLOW MOTIONso ingenuity was everywhere.

The “Immortal” uniform that was worn during the American festival features neon pink, with purple and yellow diamond-shaped detailing around the clothing. As if that weren’t enough, the jersey bore the Acapulcan’s name and number print.

Mexican users, even those who are not fans of SLOW MOTIONreacted enthusiastically to the tribute of Mark Bowen a Jorge Camposone of the last big idols of Mexican football who currently works as a sports commentator.

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