Matches of the day: Necaxa vs America: Summary, goals and best games of the match of the 14th day of the Apertura 2022

Matches of the day: Necaxa vs America: Summary, goals and best games of the match of the 14th day of the Apertura 2022

Final result: Necaxa 1-2 America | Opening day 14 2022

Thank you very much for following minute by minute the game of the day number 14 of the Apertura 2022, where the eagles of America came from behind to defeat the Rays of Necaxa at the Victoria Stadium in Aguascalientes.

90+4′ | Necaxa 1-2 America | The whistle Fernando Guerrero whistles at the end of the match at the Victoria Stadium, a precious victory for America, which reaches nine games in a row with a victory in this Apertura 2022.

90′ | Necaxa 1-2 America | Four extra minutes are added to the game.

88′ | Necaxa 1-2 America | Shortened by Scar Jimnez, the American goalkeeper flies away and takes a ball in the corner. The Eagles are still ahead on the scoreboard thanks to the keeper.

84′ | Necaxa 1-2 America | Home stretch of the game and America is about to make history with the most consecutive wins in club history.

77′ | Necaxa 1-2 America | The game is open, because the Rayos are looking for a draw and America does not give up.

73′ | Necaxa 1-2 America | GOOOOOL FROM AMERICA! Roger Martínez enters the box by surprise and overturns the match with a header, the Colombian is reconciled with the goal and America already wins in Aguascalientes.

66′ | Necaxa 1-1 America | Juan Pablo Segovia is the first warned of the game, the Rayos defender cuts a lead and is already playing at a disadvantage.

63′ | Necaxa 1-1 America | The match went well and both teams have already scored a goal due to America’s equalizer.

57′ | Necaxa 1-1 America | GOOOOOOOL FROM AMERICA! Jonathan Dos Santos equalized the game after a fabulous pass from Álvaro Fidalgo, which left the midfielder alone to finish in the box.

52′ | Necaxa 1-0 America | The Eagles did not find depth tonight in the Victoria, in this second half they have the ball in their possession, but they cannot unbalance.

46′ | Necaxa 1-0 America | The eagles make a modification, Federico Vilas comes out and Álvaro Fidalgo enters.

46′ | Necaxa 1-0 America | Actions resume in Aguascalientes.

Necaxa vs. Am

This is how Necaxa took to the pitch tonight, with their alternate green shirt

Necaxa vs. Am
Necaxa vs. Am

45+3′ | Necaxa 1-0 America | The whistle Fernando Guerrero whistles late in the first half, the Eagles are still down on the scoreboard.

45′ | Necaxa 1-0 America | Three additional minutes are added to this first half at the Victoria Stadium in Aguascalientes.

39′ | Necaxa 1-0 America | The Eagles had scored the equalizer at the feet of Henry Martín, but the whistle signaled an advanced position and the goal was disallowed.

30′ | Necaxa 1-0 America | We have reached the first half hour of play and America already looks a little more dangerous. Jonathan Rodríguez almost makes the difference by seizing an ill-defined ball.

23′ | Necaxa 1-0 America | The visitors dominate the ball longer, but they did not know how to go deep and the match remains to the advantage of the hydroclimates.

15′ | Necaxa 1-0 America | scar Jimnez stretches and avoids the home side’s second, where Fernando Madrigal shoots from outside the box for the keeper to deflect the ball.

08′ | Necaxa 1-0 America | NECAXA GOOOOOL! Facundo Batista is attentive in the box and scores the first goal of the game. Fernando Madrigal takes the goalkeeper off and after the ball was left behind the striker came to set without a goalkeeper.

07′ | Necaxa 0-0 America | The atmosphere is unbeatable at Victoria Stadium and the match promises a lot.

01′ | Necaxa 0-0 America | The Eagles triangulate well in the first game of the match and the ball is long for Brian Rodríguez, who entered alone and could not finish. Intense start of the azulcrema team.

01′ | Necaxa 0-0 America | Matchday 14 of the 2022 Liga MX Opening has kicked off. The ball is already rolling on the lawn of Victoria Stadium, the eagles are looking for a historic mark for the club.

Necaxa vs. Am


Necaxa vs. Am

Eagles jump to warm up with Scar Jimnez as starter

Necaxa vs. Am
Necaxa vs. Am
Necaxa vs. Am

Background and latest results of Necaxa vs America in Liga MX

  • Necaxa 0-1 America | Cry out for Peace CL 2022
  • America 2-1 Necaxa | Scream Mexico AP 2022
  • America 2-1 Necaxa | Guardians 2021
  • Necaxa 1-1 America | guardians 2020
  • America 0-3 Necaxa | Closing 2020

This is how America arrived at Victoria Stadium this afternoon

Necaxa vs. Am

Absences from America this Saturday at Victoria

  • William Ochoa | to rest
  • Diego Valdes | to rest
  • Alexander Zendejas | Discontinued
  • Pedro Aquino | Suspended
  • Bruno Valdes | Hurt

How do the two teams manage to engage in Victoria?

The Eagles come in with eight straight wins and are looking to snap the best streak in club history. On the other hand, Necaxa is in position number 8 of the tournament thanks to its 17 accumulated points. A loss would close the gap and put them in contention for a difficult, but not impossible, direct qualification.


Friends of MARCA Claro welcome minute by minute matchday 14 of the MX League Apertura 2022, where the Eagles of America will look to continue their fine run as they move to Victoria Stadium in Aguascalientes to take on Rayos del Necaxa. The engagement will begin at 7:00 p.m. (Mexico City time).

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