Matches of the day: PSG vs Juventus: Summary, goals and best games of the match of the 1st day of the Champions League

Matches of the day: PSG vs Juventus: Summary, goals and best games of the match of the 1st day of the Champions League

Final score: PSG 2-1 Juventus | 1st day of the Champions League

Min 90+3 | PSG 2-1 Juventus | The match in Paris ends with an important victory for PSG over Juventus, with two goals from Kylian Mbappé.

Min 90 | PSG 2-1 Juventus | Fast closing in the Parque de los Prncipes. PSG are close to third place, but they just couldn’t.

Min 88 | PSG 2-1 Juventus | Spectacular save from Perin, practically shot down by Neymar.

Min 84 | PSG 2-1 Juventus | Change to PSG. Messi leaves the field and in his place Carlos Soler enters, who makes his debut with the team.

Min 81 | PSG 2-1 Juventus | Ufff!! Juve remain close. Manuel Locatelli sent a cross shot which Donnarumma parried a few times, saving his goal.

Min 80 | PSG 2-1 Juventus | The Italian team plays its last cards in search of a draw, while PSG remains organized, with the idea of ​​going for the third.

Min 77 | PSG 2-1 Juventus | Two changes are given by PSG. Enter Danilo and Nordi Mukiele in place of Vitinha and Achraf Hakimi, respectively.

Min 73 | PSG 2-1 Juventus | One more change for Juventus. Mattia De Sciglio enters in place of Juan Cuadrado.

Min 71 | PSG 2-1 Juventus | New shot from Lio Messi that goalkeeper Mattia Perin stops without major problem.

Min 68 | PSG 2-1 Juventus | Change of Juventus. Arkadiusz Milik leaves and Manuel Locatelli takes his place on the court.

Min 67 | PSG 2-1 Juventus | Shot by Lionel Messi who misses the right post.

Min 65 | PSG 2-1 Juventus | Booking card for PSG’s Marco Verratti.

Min 64 | PSG 2-1 Juventus | Kylian Mbappé forgives Juve. The Frenchman received a filtered pass from Messi, who combined with Neymar to leave the Frenchman alone, who sent his shot wide with a left foot.

Min 56 | PSG 2-1 Juventus | Juve went on the attack in search of an equalizer with a new header, this time from Dusan Vlahovic who Donnarumma stopped with a slap.

Min 53 | PSG 2-1 Juventus | GOOOOL!!!! Error by goalkeeper Donnarumma, who errs and is used by Weston McKennie to close the gap with a solid header.

Min 50 | PSG 2-0 Juventus | Nice shot from Messi, who leaves the mark behind him and serves a pass to Mbappé, who enters only from the right, leading Neymar through the center alone, but the Frenchman chose to shoot, without giving the ball to the Brazilian.

Min 48 | PSG 2-0 Juventus | Neymar remains close to the third, but his shot ends up in the hands of goalkeeper Perin.

Min 46 | PSG 2-0 Juventus | Juventus take their first step. Weston McKennie enters in place of Fabio Miretti.

Min 46 | PSG 2-0 Juventus | The second part begins in the Parque de los Prncipes.

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Min 45+2 | PSG 2-0 Juventus | The first half ended with a 2-0 lead for PSG with some goals from Kylian Mbappé.

Min 45+1 | PSG 2-0 Juventus | Foul on Neymar and Miretti receives the yellow card.

Min 45 | PSG 2-0 Juventus | Two extra minutes will be added to the first half.

Min 42 | PSG 2-0 Juventus | Corner for PSG. The ball remains for Verratti on the rebound, but he sends it into the clouds.

Min 40 | PSG 2-0 Juventus | We entered the dying minutes of the first half with PSG looking for the third goal to seal the game, while Juve tried to survive without another goal conceded.

Min 35 | PSG 2-0 Juventus | Neymar falls into the box. PSG call a foul but the whistleblower says there is no Cuadrado infringement. The truth is that the Brazilian is a demon on the pitch.

Min 34 | PSG 2-0 Juventus | Shot from Vitinha which goes beyond the goal of the visit, after the pass from Messi.

Min 30 | PSG 2-0 Juventus | Free kick for Juventus from the right. The auction goes way over the door.

Min 25 | PSG 2-0 Juventus | Referee Anthony Taylor shows the first two yellow cards. The first for Bremer for the foul on Mbappé and the second for Sergio Ramos for the assault.

Min 23 | PSG 2-0 Juventus | Foul on Mbappé which provokes a fit of anger. The PSG players, led by Sergio Ramos, claim and push.

Min 22 | PSG 2-0 Juventus | GOOO!!!! Mbappé puts the second in another table of the Parisian team. An extraordinary combination between four players, first class, for Kylian to appear in the center of the box to push.

Min 18 | PSG 1-0 Juventus | PSG is saved. Square’s cross from the right ended with a header in the box by Arkadiusz Milik, but Gianluigi Donnarumma made a save to avoid the scorecard.

Min 15 | PSG 1-0 Juventus | Lionel Messi sends a pumped pass to Mbappé, almost identical to the goal. However, the defense is attentive and cuts the option.

Min 14 | PSG 1-0 Juventus | PSG charge short, but Juve close the spaces and nothing happens.

Min 13 | PSG 1-0 Juventus | Foul on the outskirts of the surface on Mbappé. Danger for the Italian goalkeeper.

Min 8 | PSG 1-0 Juventus | PSG have already struck the first blow and want more. A new filtered pass was about to be completed again by Mbappé.

Min 5| PSG 1-0 Juventus | GOOOAAAL!!!! The magic happened in the Parc des Princes. Neymar served him a high pass, filtered towards Mbappé, who without letting go of the ball chained it to cross towards Perin. big goal!

Min 3 | PSG 0-0 Juventus | Juve create their first dangerous move. The ball passed from one side to the other in the local area, but without an attacker to send it deep.

Min 2 | PSG 0-0 Juventus | Juventus took charge of moving the ball, but PSG immediately took possession.

Min 00 | PSG 0-0 Juventus | The match begins in the Parque de los Prncipes. PSG and Juventus are already vying for the 2022-23 Champions League.

Juve also walks on the sacred grass

the italian team it’s time for the ball in the Parc des Princes.

PSG are already warming up at the Parque de los Prncipes

PSG players they are already doing warm-up movements in the field

What elegance from France!

PSG players have arrived at the Parque de los Prncipes very well arranged.

Confirmed composition of PSG

Paris Saint-Germain have announced their 11 starters and They go with everything for the three points.

Juventus roster confirmed

The old lady is ready for the game and he has his starting formation ready.

How to watch the PSG match against Juventus live?

This match will be broadcast on HBO Max and TNT Sports so that you can track all the incidents in this minute by minute BRAND Claro.

Where is the PSG-Juventus match played?

The debut of PSG and Juventus in the Champions League will take place in the Princes Park of Pars.

GOOD EVENING!!! Welcome to all of you at the start of the Champions League, this time with a real football gluttony with the match between Paris Saint-Germain and Juventus, belonging to group H.

The Europa League is back and starts spectacularly with two of the teams that are called up to be contenders.

El PSG, led by Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappé and Neymar, is obliged to affirm its local in the Parque de los Pncipes in front of one of the historical figures of Italy and world football, the Vecchia Signora.

Everything is ready for us to enjoy a great game, so they can’t come off the best minute by minute in the network, here at MARCA Claro, where we live, feel and enjoy sport like no one else.

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