Max Verstappen could be the 2022 world champion in Singapore

Max Verstappen could be the 2022 world champion in Singapore

The Dutchman could become a double champion if Charles is 9th or less and Czech is 4th or less, the cabals analyze. The gist of all this guesswork is that Max Verstappen wins the Grand Prix held at Marina Bay, it would be his twelfth victory in 2022, 12 out of 17 if all of this comes to pass. Some numbers are scary, but Red Bull are devastating with their performance this year and Max isn’t wasting this opportunity.

Max Verstappen would be world champion if…

If he is 1st and Charles Leclerc 9th or worse and Sergio Pérez 4th without fastest lap or worse / 5th with fastest lap or worse.

If he is 1st with the fastest lap and Charles Leclerc 8th or less and Sergio Pérez 4th or less.

Formula 1 analyzed the possibilities of Max becoming champion at the next meeting

Max Verstappen will have his first chance to win the 2022 F1 World Championship at the Singapore Grand Prix, as he looks to extend his winning streak and mathematically end Charles Leclerc’s chances. After winning 11 races so far this season, and the last five in a row, Red Bull driver Verstappen heads to the Marina Bay street circuit 116 points clear of rival Ferrari Leclerc with team-mate Sergio Pérez nine points further away.

In a nutshell, to wrap up the title in the city-state and add to his 2021 crown, the Dutchman needs to edge Leclerc by 22 points, Perez by 13 and Mercedes’ George Russell by six. According to the current F1 points system (25-18-15-12-10-8-6-4-2-1 and a bonus point for the fastest lap), this means that there are several combinations worth considering for the Singapore race, though. Verstappen’s title is based on the problems of closest competitor Leclerc.

Should Verstappen win another race, the title would go if Leclerc did not finish ninth or lower, while Perez would have to be fourth or lower without the fastest lap, or fifth or lower with the fastest lap. In this scenario, Verstappen would have an indisputable 139-point lead over Leclerc heading into the Japanese Grand Prix (with a maximum of 138 points at stake in the last five races, including 25 for the win, one for the fastest lap and eight points for the Sprint, with Pérez outclassed by 14 or (the necessary) 13 points.

The next set of numbers is based on Verstappen winning the race and setting the fastest lap, meaning Leclerc would lose it if he finished eighth or worse (difference of 22 points), with Perez fourth or lower (difference of 14 points). . If Verstappen can’t win and make the aforementioned points gains over his rivals, the title chase will continue all the way to Suzuka, with another round of combinations coming into play.

In reality, the Japanese Grand Prix is ​​the likeliest event for Verstappen clinch his second title, as he only needs to come out of the race weekend with a 112-point lead (four points less than his current lead) to be ready. This means he can even drop points to Leclerc, Perez and Russell in the next two races and fly out of Suzuka with the title under his belt, provided he has that magic number.

In terms of the constructors’ championship, there’s no way Red Bull can come out of Singapore with the required margin over Ferrari. In exchange, his first opportunity may come in Japan. Red Bull are currently 139 points ahead of Scuderia in the standings, and should be 191 points clear after Suzuka, with 88 points up for grabs in the next two Grands Prix.

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