Medvedev: ‘In the final against Nadal, I should have done better’

Medvedev: ‘In the final against Nadal, I should have done better’

Daniil Medvedev arrives at the US Open as a rival to beat for all these candidates who wants to win the title and does so for two reasons: as the current title champion after depriving Novak Djokovic of the Grand Slam in the same year in 2021, and as world number one.

The Russian tennis player assured Eurosport’s ‘Players Voices’ that the return to the US Open brings back good memories and that the victory at last year’s edition gave him more confidence to do facing new goals. “Coming back to New York brings back only good memories. I’ve always loved playing the US Open. I always felt good and always played well here, except for the first years of my career. And, after last year’s victory, coming back as defending champions is something very important. Was it difficult to digest the title? Honestly I don’t think so, I’m proud to have achieved it, it’s a big step for any tennis player. We can discuss which is more important, the ATP Finals, the Davis Cup or the Masters 1000. But a Grand Slam is above that. For me, winning my first Grand Slam brought me nothing but happiness, good motivation and more confidence. Knowing that I was able to do it, and even more so after beating someone like Novak Djokovic in the final, when I look back I’m like, ‘Okay, I was able to do it’, And I hope this will help me to do it again in the future.

Medvedev credits winning the US Open and rising to No. 1 made him one of the tennis players to beat on the tour. “On the circuit, people treat me differently after winning a Grand Slam and being number one in the world rankings. I became a target, and that’s normal. In fact, there are two scenarios for me: a positive and a negative. If I start a match the right way, if everything goes well for me, sometimes I can feel other players in their head saying ‘he’s playing great today, what can I do?’ But when I don’t start well and start to lose my concentration, my rivals will think “I have a chance to beat world number one and a Grand Slam champion”. They want a big win, because six months later nobody will say ‘ok, I won that game, but that day Medvedev was not good, or Nadal didn’t play well’. What will remain is that they beat Medvedev, Nadal or Djokovic.”

The Muscovite took stock of what he had experienced last year, focusing mainly on the Australian Open, where he lost the title in the final against Rafa Nadal. “In the last 12 months, a lot has happened. The Australian Open, my rise to number one, my injury in the spring, the wins, the losses… the life of a tennis player does not exist without these things but I have to take them as experiences.If we go into the details, we are sure to find good and less good. The Australian Open is a good example. I played very good tennis, I won a crazy match against Auger-Aliassime in the quarter-finals, I don’t know if I should have lost, but almost, because I saved a match point. Then I got to the final against Rafa. I should have done better to win. After a loss like that in the Australian Open final, I had some tough days and weeks. But when I looked back, I thought that was one more experience, that was life. It made me grow as a human being. I understood some things like sometimes things don’t go my way and I try to see them differently.”

Medvedev also reviewed the results crisis he went through and how that dynamic changed at the Los Cabos tournament, as well as how his absence from Wimbledon helped him better prepare for the US Open. “Of course, there are matches that I would have preferred to win. For example, after the US Open, I lost several finals and I started thinking ‘what’s wrong? why Am I not as effective in the final as in previous matches?’ Finally, in Los Cabos, he again won a final against Norrie, a great tennis player who was also the defending champion. It’s about learning and gaining experience, whether it’s winning a Grand Slam, the title in Los Cabos or losing a final. Now I hope to live great moments, starting with the US Open. Doesn’t having played Wimbledon help me in the US Open and the rest of the year? I hope so, but you can’t be sure. In any case, it allowed me to have three weeks of preparation for the US Open and the end of the season., something strange in the middle of the year. I worked a lot with my team and I hope to be 100% physically and mentally until the end of the year”.

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