Medvedev’s change of routine

Medvedev’s change of routine

Far from where he expected to end up, Eric Hernandez had to say goodbye to football, his great passion, due to the high training pace he was exposed to, a factor he now fully understands. The physical trainer Daniel Medvedev He has been part of the Russian team for almost 10 years. The Frenchman talks in an interview with Tennis Majors about how he works with Gilles Cervara and the impact his role has had on Medvedev.

The profession of physical trainer

“A physical trainer who stays in his gym cannot be sufficiently aware of the performance of the player. When we work on certain movements, it is very important that you can observe how they are produced. Tennis and fitness goals are often mixed up in sessions. Gilles asked for it and so did I. Working as a couple is a strong point,” explains Eric.

Now your priority

“In my professional life, Daniil is now my priority. I owe him 25 weeks a year. Daniil has always wanted to work, he never cut me any session. But before 2017 it was not easy because he was reluctant to work, it was difficult for him. I had never trained in a very structured way. His lifestyle was that of a young player who was not forbidden to go out. He did physical training because everyone in tennis trains physically, but you could tell he was wondering where the need was. The cost-benefit ratio was not obvious to him. He didn’t quite understand what he was doing. Gilles and I wanted him to understand.”


“Daniil does not have a natural strength quality. When we started working, he was already moving very well and had good coordination. We were able to improve that, but above all we had to make him stronger so that he could repeat the effort. Sessions now tend to be long, but scale with the level of ambition of the project.”

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