Memo Ochoa: How much does it cost to eat the cakes at ‘Don Polo’, at the Americanist?

Memo Ochoa: How much does it cost to eat the cakes at ‘Don Polo’, at the Americanist?

The guardian of America, Guillermo ‘Memo’ Ochoa, is having a great time with the Eagles, since the team from the capital is on the rise and currently occupies second place in the general table of the 2022 Liga MX Opening, in addition to looking like a candidate to retain the title in dispute.

However, the Cerberus of the Coapa team before being a figure in Mexican football, in his early days and in his free time he worked in the Company of its potatoes serve customers and prepare ‘Don Polo’ cakes.

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Don Polo cakes have three locations in CDMX. Photo: Screenshot.

Where are the ‘Don Polo’ cakes in CDMX?

The food establishment has three branches in Mexico City, but the best known is the one located in Felix Cuevas in front of the November 20 hospital.

Another of the pastry establishments “Don Polo” is located in the sunken park with the Insurgentes corner, in the Noche Buena neighborhood of the Benito Juárez town hall.

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In addition to cakes, the establishment offers à la carte dishes. Photo: Screenshot.

There is also a place in the street Don Juan with the corner of Plutarco Elías Calles, in the Carmen district; the property is in the direction of Nativitas metro station.

What are the specialty cakes?

Cakes “Don Polo” They have more than 30 specialtieshowever, the most commercial are those of egg, leg, flank steak with cheese, Cuban, Hawaiian and Swiss.

What is the price of the ‘Don Polo’ cakes?

The dishes offered by the catering establishment have various prices, however, the cheap cakes have a value of $44 Mexican pesos, while the most expensive are those of 83 pesos; the additional ingredient costs 21 pesos.

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Don Polo cakes are also used in the cafeteria. Photo: Screenshot.

In addition to cakes, the catering establishment also offers breakfasts, Mexican snacks and à la carte dishes, as well as desserts, coffees and drinks.

It should be noted that if you cannot personally visit certain branches in Mexico City, the cakes “Don Polo” they are affiliated with home delivery companies, so all you need to do is apply through their apps and make payment to have your food arrive at your doorstep.

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