Meteor sightings on Friday night, November 4: Video from Baltimore County and a map of where it was tracked

Meteor sightings on Friday night, November 4: Video from Baltimore County and a map of where it was tracked

On Friday, November 4, we were treated to a rare mild November evening while the moon was conjunct Jupiter. This provided a great opportunity for many to be outside and spot the spectacular meteor streak across the sky. That it was reported by many in the Mid-Atlantic region and was even captured on video in Baltimore County, Maryland.

First the Moon and Jupiter

That’s what brought people out on Friday night and I wanted to show you the best photos I could find. Jim Olson was able to use a telescope to photograph the moon. Jupiter, and several of its surrounding moons in one frame.

This photo of Brenda Bowman was also taken

Dave McHugh and his wife were doing just that by their fire when they saw a bright greenish-blue streak of light across the sky around 9:15 PM EDT. He texted me, which prompted the search. After that I texted my friend Mike Hankey of the American Meteorological Society who lives in Baltimore County, Maryland. He has a network of cameras in his ALLSKY network pointing upwards at night, always recording.

A meteor seen over northern Baltimore County, Maryland

This was on AMS ALLKSY7 from Mike Hankey in Monkton MD. Watch around 9:15 PM EDT.

The video below gave the result. Thanks to reports from the American Meteorological Society, they were able to triangulate and plot the most likely path.


Photo from the ALLSKY network

AMS ALLKSY7 – Mike Hankey – Monkton MD

Reports to the American Meteorological Society by:

Broad map

This was seen between Richmond, VA and the NYC metro area.

Closer map

Triangulation suggests that it was traced across southern Pennsylvania in York County between Red Lion and Loganville, to Gettysburg in Adams County.

Short list of site watchers:

The duration was about 3.5 seconds.

  • Richmond VA
  • Myerstown PA
  • Harrisburg PA
  • Glen Allen VA
  • Woodbury NJ
  • Pottstown PA
  • Upperco MD
  • Baltimore MD
  • Cockeysville MD
  • Montville NJ
  • Oxford PA
  • Bloomsburg PA
  • Roanoke VA
  • Westville NJ
  • Saddle Brook NJ
  • Average PA
  • Ashburn VA
  • NY
  • Klingerstown PA

View the full report:

American Meteorological Society Report 8057-2022

I shared this information in a recent report…

Meteor shower Ccurrently Active

orionids: Active until November 22.

Peak: October 20-21, 2022 (Month 21% full)

Southern Taurides: Active until December 2nd. Peak: November 4-5, 2022 (Month 87% full)

Northern Taurids: Active until December 2nd. Peak: November 11-12, 2022 (Month 88% full)

The following shows in the sky:

Rocket Launch

November 6 at 5:50 am

See more in this report, which also includes a LIVE Stream from NASA TV.

Note that this will be with ADJUSTED STANDARD TIME.

(We get an extra hour of sleep)

The next rocket launch from Wallops to mark on your calendar

Total lunar eclipse

November 8th – This will reach totality around sunrise. In fact, the eclipse will end for our area at 6:42 a.m., which is the predicted sunrise that day.

This means that the moon will set in the west during the eclipse. If the sky is clear, it will provide a great opportunity for photographers to capture a low-angle blood red moon with great framing of buildings or landscapes. I really hope it’s clear and we get some great pictures to share.

Please share your thoughts, best weather pictures/videos or just keep in touch via social media

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