Mexico exhaust resources for Alejandro Zendejas, but don’t offer him the World Cup

Mexico exhaust resources for Alejandro Zendejas, but don’t offer him the World Cup

The team sees him in the short, medium and long term at El Tri, but he has the last word

Alexander Zendejas has the last word. The player of Americaas we know, he has already spoken with the authorities of the Mexican Football Federation, led by its president, One of Luisa and the national team coach, Gerardo ‘Auntie’ Martino as well as Eagles directors, like Santiago Baños, with the idea of ​​aligning ideas and trying to convince him to play with El Tri.

Insiders in the conversations slid to ESPN that the Mexican directors maintained a “very good rapprochement” with the footballer in which misunderstandings between all parties were clarified. The FMF’s real interest in changing federations to play with Mexico has been left to them, a decision which it seems will be a positive one.

An important point assured another source of great credibility is that in the talks to invite him to be part of the tricolor team at no time the possibility of attending the World Cup to be held in Qatar n was offered.

“They will wait for the player to decide. As long as the entity does not change, it cannot be convened”, endorsed one of our informants who said that the meetings took place on the best terms, as happened with Marcelo Floresan Oviedo player who ultimately decided to opt for the national team’s green shirt, even when Canada sought to wear it to their representative.

Our source assured that in the dialogue they did not promise things that could not be kept, but the parties clearly expressed their interest in him playing for Mexico, “his country”, our experts pointed out. confidants on several occasions.

They also argued that there is no letter signed by the federations of Mexico oh United States, but an agreement not to “attack” between federations that share important projects. “One thing is clear is that the sporting rivalry with the United States is only on the pitch during the 90 minutes of matches,” our resource clarified.

They pointed out to Zendejas that in the Mexican national team they hope he will be eligible in the short, medium and long term, so in the next few hours or days they will be essential for him to decide to change federations and d opting for Mexico, something they hope will happen any moment once all parties have clarified situations that could blur the idea that Zendejas would be a valuable element for the French team. There is a lot of confidence that Alex will decide for Mexico, as they have seen a good will from the Americanist to play for Mexico, although until last night there was no decision. one hundred percent.

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