Millennials ‘study’ inflation with the price of the Panini World Cup envelope

Millennials ‘study’ inflation with the price of the Panini World Cup envelope

  • The phenomenon of inflation has caused commodity prices to skyrocket out of control, all the more evident when put into perspective through these comparisons.

  • According to the Mexican Association of Online Sales, digital commerce in Mexico was worth around 401.3 billion pesos, a growth of 27% compared to 2021.

  • The price of each individual Panini World Cup album wrap is 22 Mexican pesos, 4 pesos more than they cost during Russia 2018.

The Panini World Album Its price has increased significantly in recent years. And it is that the loyal consumers of the brand, fans of this sport, have exhibited this situation through the phenomenon of inflation.

Inflation is defined as “the economic process caused by the existing imbalance between production and demand that causes a continuous continuation of the mayor’s precios parte de los products y servicios, y una pérdida del valor del dinero para poder adquirirlos o hacer uso of them”. In general, it is because of this phenomenon that fewer and fewer people can buy this type of product.

Let’s remember that this album was also one of the most requested in history, even in Mexico, the World Cup album that took the longest to arrive compared to South America and to Europe, has already become the center of trending videos. Moreover, with its recent digitization, 71 days before the start of this fair, no one wants to be left without their own collection.

The figures shared by Digital Market Outlook, produced and disseminated by the statistics platform Statista during the year 2017, show that the percentage of buyers on line of the total population of Mexico averaged 29.7% for that year. However, after what happened during the pandemic, digital commerce in Mexico managed to increase and registered a growth of up to 44.2% last year.

However, as has happened with aspects such as advertising space in other competitions, it seems that the 2022 World Cup will not only be atypical because of its completion date, but also because of the historic rise in prices in all directions.

Millennials ‘study’ inflation with the price of the Panini World Cup envelope

Thanks to a post on social network TikTok, users of the digital conversation contrasted the prices of Qatar 2022 World Cup-themed envelopes.

In said publication it is shown how for the World Cup in Germany 2006, the one where the Italian team agonized on penalties, cost only 3 pesos. On the other hand, for South Africa 2010When the Spanish team was historically crowned against the Netherlands with a goal from Iniesta, the prices in Mexico were around 5.5 pesos.

On top of that, for the World Cup Brazil 2014the discussion was a little more meaningful, as some claim that the World Cup envelopes that made Aztec goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa famous and saw the German team break almost all of the host’s records, were 5 pesos , while some point out that it was only 6 pesos, although some claim that its price remained at 5.

However, the real blow came in 2014, when, according to the video, the World Cup envelopes that crowned what is perhaps the sport’s newest star, Mbappé, remained priced at 14 pesos. . For this World Cup, 4 pesos have been increased, that is, the price will be 18 Mexican pesos.

Here is the video shared by the TikTok user:

@cezul How much did the #World Cup #Panini envelope cost? #Qatar2022 #Album #Estampas #Cromos ♬ Science of Fear – The Temper Trap

Some users have decided to express their opinion on this subject, even joking with the prices displayed:

“I think they oversold it to all of us because I still remember it was over 10 pesos,” Javier Rojasrey

“2026: $50 and a liter of magna”, prettyi4ever

“And there are 48 hahahaha 10k selections to complete the album”, ffbb82

“And you also have to see what Panini is selling less and less of, its main sales come every 4 years and they have to take advantage of it”, alarcon.fer

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