Mission almost impossible! The factors that would prevent Alan Pulido’s return to Chivas

Mission almost impossible! The factors that would prevent Alan Pulido’s return to Chivas

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The possibility of the return of the Tamaulipas striker to the Guadalajara institution has circulated on social networks, a complicated situation.

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Over the past few hours, the possibility of Alan Pulido returning to Chivas has gone viral as the Mexican striker would love to return to the Pearl of the West side, as is about to enter the final year of his contract with Sporting Kansas City; however, there are factors working against you in achieving this.

Puligol is considered one of the last references that the Guadalajara team had, since since arriving in the fold in 2016 he was responding to the demand to dress the red and white with goals, being a key piece for obtaining the titles of Liga Mx in the Clausura 2017 and in the Concachampions of 2018so many fans are thrilled that there is an opportunity to return.

Fox Sports journalist Fernando Cevallos has taken it upon himself to reveal that there is the striker’s desire to return to don the colors of Mexico’s most important club; however, In Flock Passion we show you the factors that work against the Tamaulipas.

Pelaez fracture

Upon the arrival of the current Flock sporting director Ricardo Peláez, the manager and the footballer started a relationship with the left foot because they did not reach agreements after the request for a salary increase for the striker who had been proclaimed champion in this tournament score, so he asked to leave the establishment.

Controversy in the Federation

In January 2021, Alan Pulido filed a dispute with the Mexican Football Federation because he demanded part of the amount that Guadalajara received in his transaction with Sporting Kansas City, a situation that caused annoyance in the Flock .

Amaury Vergara closed the doors to him

In February 2021, in an interview with ESPN, the president of Rebaño categorically recalled that it was the striker’s decision to leave the club: “In complete transparency, Alan must remember that he asked to leave the team . If there’s one thing I can guarantee, it’s that I only want players who want to be at Chivas. Whoever doesn’t want to be, no matter who he is, what his name is or if he scores a lot of goals, if he doesn’t want to be at Chivas, he doesn’t deserve to be at Chivas”.

sports project

In the current Guadalajara sports project, the training of players from the base forces is a priority, so the intention is to continue betting on young footballers and consolidate their attackers such as José Tepa González, Sebastián Chevy Martínez or Luis Fernando Puente .


There is a star striker

Inside Guadalajara they know there is a lack of strength in the first team; however, the board and coaching staff are absolutely confident that this will be resolved as soon as José Juan Macías returns from injury, in addition to the fact that they will have Santiago Ormeño on the payroll, since they have acquired his letter, in addition to Ángel Zaldívar, because therefore there is no room for another striker.


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