MSNBC Cuts Ties With Anchor Tiffany Cross

MSNBC Cuts Ties With Anchor Tiffany Cross


MSNBC has cut ties with Tiffany Cross, an outspoken weekend anchor who has put race and issues in the black community at the center of her coverage and commentary.

The network canceled it the almost two-year-old show “Cross Link” and let her contract expire, according to three people who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive negotiations between the former host and MSNBC. A spokesman for the network declined to comment.

Cross, formerly the D.C. bureau chief for BET Networks, made inflammatory on-air comments that made her a target of right-wing criticism.

Recently, Cross appeared as a guest on Comedy Central’s Charlamagne th God’s show, where the host asked his panelist guests which state Democrats could afford to lose in the upcoming midterm elections. Cross flippantly suggested Florida, using a profanity to describe the shape of the state and adding, “Let’s castrate Florida.”

But MSNBC’s decision to cancel its show was not related to either statement, the people said. Cross did not immediately respond to a request for comment. MSNBC president Rashida Jones was deeply involved in the decision to cut ties with Cross, two of the people said.

Over the summer, when Alyssa Farah Griffin — Trump’s former White House communications aide who has since denounced the former president for inciting January 62021, riots — was a finalist for the co-host position on “The View,” Cross called her “a nasty Trump loyalist” who “quickly turned into an opportunist after he volunteered to take a job in the Trump administration” and said she was “riding his a wave of open xenophobia and racism all the way to network television.”

In October, Cross also called Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas “Justice’s pubic hair on my Coke can” — a reference to a detail from Anita Hill’s sexual harassment lawsuit against Thomas that she aired during his Senate hearing 31 years ago.

Conservative podcaster Megyn Kelly responded by calling Cross the most racist person on television. Cross, in turn, called Kelly a “blackface expert,” a reference to Kelly’s own on-air controversy when she defended blackface as a Halloween costume during her stint as an NBC morning anchor.

Tucker Carlson, Fox News’ most popular prime-time host, dedicated an opening monologue to Cross, suggesting that her commentary on racism was likely to fuel an anti-white movement similar to the Rwandan genocide.

The cancellation of Kross’ show sparked outrage in some quarters on the left. “Tucker Carlson recently slammed Tiffany Cross and accused her of fueling a ‘race war’ She has been flooded with hate and criticism. Now? She’s on MSNBC. The contract was not renewed. The timing is terrible” tweeted Wajahat Aliliberal columnist for the Daily Beast.

Cross’ production staff, who also work a similar slot on Sunday mornings for “The Sunday Show with Jonathan Capehart,” will remain employed by the network and continue to work the same hours. For the time being, Kross’s show will be followed by a rotating group of presenters. Possible long-term replacements have not been identified.

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