Murray: “I’m surprised to be able to compete with the best”

Murray: “I’m surprised to be able to compete with the best”

As he himself explains, it had been years since he reached the third round of a Grand Slam. Now that you’ve done it, Andy Murray wanted more in this US Open 2022, but Matteo Berrettini took it upon himself to stop him. Even so, the former world number one showed a fighting version despite not being entirely successful with his serve. Review of Murray in press conference the key moments of the duel and how it feels.

About the service

“My serve was pretty poor for a lot of the game which hurt me a lot. I couldn’t find a rhythm with my serve. I held really well in the third set. I was getting to comfortable in rallies. He served very well, got a lot of free points on his serve. I didn’t. That was the difference.

How was he seen in the fight

“The worst game for me was after getting the break early in the set, with new balls. I had all the momentum with me. If I had succeeded in this game, maybe it would have changed things, but I didn’t play a good game. I haven’t played many of these games recently. I’m surprised I was able to compete as well as I did against someone as good as him, in the situation I find myself in.

Physically I was fine, considering I didn’t feel amazing. I have a metal hip. It’s not easy to play with that, it’s really hard. I am surprised that he is able to compete with the best tennis players. I’m proud to have worked to get to games like today. I’m really disappointed not to have won today, but it’s the first time I’ve reached the third round here since 2016. These six years have been very difficult for me. I hope to go further in the future. »

What do you remember from the tour

“If it was 12 months ago it would have gotten worse over the games, while it’s the other way around. It was very positive. I’m disappointed and I did some things better to get a different result I hope to keep playing better until the end of the season”.

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