Nadal: ‘My career is far from over’

Nadal: ‘My career is far from over’

Rafa Nadal inaugurated this Tuesday a new course at the Alfonso X Rafa Nadal Sports University, in a project that the tennis player started with the Alfonso X el Sabio University.

After the presentation at the Alfonso X el Sabio University, Rafa Nadal attended another event this Tuesday in which King Felipe VI presented him with the “Royal Path” prize awarded by the Franklin Institute of the University of Alcalá de Henares for which Nadal is recognized for his work in projecting and promoting the positive image of Spain in the United States.

Among the achievements obtained by Nadal in the United States, it is worth highlighting the titles won in tournaments such as the Masters 1000 in Indian Wells, the Masters 1000 in Cincinnati or the US Open, the last of them won during the 2019 edition.

During the opening ceremony of the new academic year at the Alfonso X el Sabio University, he shared with the participants some of the keys to his success, underlined the importance of teamwork to achieve his goals, talked about the importance of having a great team doctor by your side, stressed that successes and defeats should be dealt with naturally.

The keys to your success

“It’s necessary great daily effort, success cannot be understood without a great effort behind it. I have tried to carry this principle throughout my career: to stand up every day want to improve and learnthere don’t lose motivation to be better”.

Team work

“If you want to learn you must have the support colleagues, professionals and the best possible team. If you surround yourself with the right people and work hard every day, your goals will be easier to achieve.

Medical equipement

“We live daily with injuries and if you don’t have the right people by your side during recovery, it’s impossible to move forward. I have my physio Rafael Maymó, since 2006 he is my shadow and in the last 15 years he has been the person who has spent the most hours with me”.

Management of losses and successes

“Tennis is a losing sport, we lose every week. Every tournament we participate in, only one wins, the rest of us lose. You have to manage it naturally, defeat and success are part of everyday life in general. That’s why defeat is never so dramatic and victory is never amazing. When things are going well, don’t believe he’s Superman, and when things are going badly, don’t believe he’s the worst in the world.”

Eliminate weaning ghosts

I hope this act and this award ceremony does not imply that my career is over, far from it. The intention is to continue to bear the name of Spain“.

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