Nancy Pelosi teases a decision about her future in Congress

Nancy Pelosi teases a decision about her future in Congress

“This is a time for healing,” she said, quickly adding that the Republican Party, which she said she once respected, “has given in to a cult—actually, a bully, as I see it.”

Around the same time the interview aired Monday, the person she was referring to, former President Donald J. Trump, called her an “animal” on meeting in Ohio, where he campaigned for Republican Senate candidate JD Vance. “She impeached me twice, in vain,” said the former president.

After the attack on Mr. Pelosi, Mr. Trump also fueled a baseless conspiracy theory flourishing in the right-wing media, which claimed that the attack was an insider and that Mr. Pelosi had a relationship with his attacker.

“The glass appears to have been broken from the inside out,” the former president falsely claimed. “So it wasn’t a burglary, it was a burglary.”

Ms. Pelosi said the spread of misinformation after the attacks was “really sad for the country. In order for people of that high visibility to separate themselves from facts and truth. It is destructive to the unity we want to have in our country.”

The House speaker, however, was short on answers about how to motivate people to run for office amid the surge threats and conflicts with elected officials.

“You can’t tell them, ‘You’re risking the safety of your families in the future,'” she said, later adding, “Most of the people we want to lead have options. They’re not people without options.”

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