Napoli fans slam Chucky Lozano: ‘I hope I don’t see you again’

Napoli fans slam Chucky Lozano: ‘I hope I don’t see you again’

Hirving ‘Chucky’ Lozano was one of the targets of criticism from Napoli supporters after the draw (0-0) against Fiorentina last weekend, as part of the 3rd day of Serie A.

The Mexican striker received negative feedback by some Neapolitan supporters, who They asked him to “never come back”.

On the official Napoli account on Twitter, on the announcement of the Mexican’s departure and the entry of Matteo Politano, comments such as: “Get Lozano out”, “Has Lozano ever flown to Mexico?” or “Lozano, I hope I never see you again.”

One of the movements that has generated the most controversy is the one that minute 51, when Chucky missed a header in front of Pierluigi Gollini’s goal: “Sell him”, “How the hell did he make a mistake? », « Lozano is the dumbest player in the world », could we read among the comments of some fans.

Notably another sector of supporters defended the Mexican, ensuring that he is one of the most participative elements in attack. “If the one who failed was Oshimen, they wouldn’t say anything, but like Lozano is, they talk nonsense, Lozano has been good in the last games”, “He played a good game, among the most proactive part one,” some fans commented.

The Chucky Lozano started in all three Napoli games in the current Serie A season, although he didn’t manage to play 90 minutes in any of them. The Mexican collaborated with an assist.

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