Navratilova lowered Serena Williams’ retirement price

Navratilova lowered Serena Williams’ retirement price

Everything seems to indicate that the US Open will be “The Last Dance” for Serena Williams. Although he hasn’t officially announced it, Flushing Meadows will be the setting for his last performance as a professional tennis player. This aroused the interest of the whole world tennis which came to the mouth of Martina Navratilova, an institution in sport.

The Czech-American spoke with the agency Reuters remembering when he experienced the same thing: “It’s very hard. When I retired in 93, I told the press that it would be my last year. It was a mistake, because each of the tournaments turned into a drama. Serena did it in her own way, announcing it in the magazine vogue with lots of glamor and luxury, but now he is not able to accept defeat. He doesn’t accept everything that comes by saying goodbye in this way.”

“Emotions can take you far, but there’s a limit. I can’t imagine a movie ending in which Serena wins the tournament. Given her performance over the past few weeks, I don’t think there will be a miraculous recovery to win the title Plus, the stress that comes with knowing it’s her last tournament doesn’t help at all. However, if there’s anyone who can overcome it all, it’s Serena.” , completed the multi-champion.

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